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Here at Zavvi we take our products extremely seriously, because we know that you do too. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce improved steelbook packaging to not only enhance their safety on the way to you, but also the time it takes for it to get from our warehouse to your postbox.

What is a Steelbook?

Steelbooks, for those of you who haven’t encountered one of our beauteous Blu-ray masterpieces, are Blu-rays (as well as some DVDs and games) packaged in an extremely attractive metal shell – usually with limited edition cover art. They are the perfect gift for any lover of film, and extremely collectable – to the point where some of the more desirable lines, like disney steelbooks, sell out almost instantly. Steelbooks are of similar dimensions to regular DVD cases, and have a plastic inner core that can accommodate multiple discs if necessary.

Steelbook Packaging

Below are some images of our new packaging:

Zavvi Steelbook Packaging

This new steelbook packaging contains a layer of protective foam designed to protect the steelbook from any minor bumps it may encounter in its journey to your door. When it reaches you, the new packaging is designed to be compact enough to fit through most letterboxes so that even if you aren’t at home, they can still be delivered.

Check out our selection of steelbooks here!

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