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As fans eagerly await the days until the new Doctor Who Christmas special comes out, why not already stock up on a suitable Secret Santa present for the Whovian in your life? You can now pre-order the one-off Doctor Who TARDIS Collector’s Box with us, brought to you in association with the ZBOX and the BBC. The mystery box is filled with exclusive merchandise from Britain’s longest-running time travel franchise and is limited to just 3000 copies! Delivered to you in December, it forms the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has become an expert in recognizing the voice of a Dalek and knows you should always count your shadows!

Don’t be surprised if our box magically transports more items than you’d expect! Inspired by the blue, 1960s police telephone box from the series, the TARDIS Collector’s Box carries many fantastic items with unearthly proportions!

To celebrate the launch of our Doctor Who Collector’s Box, let’s take a look at the history of TARDIS and how it has helped the Doctor and his companions through infinite dimensions of time and space! Who knows where our TARDIS box will take you!?


The First and Second Doctor (1963-1969)

Doctor Who TARDIS First Doctor

The TARDIS, the time-travelling spacecraft that inspired our new collector’s box, is known for its ever-shifting design. Although it looks like a London telephone box from the outside, its interior is endlessly big, adjusting to the preference of the Doctor that controls the TARDIS. Inside you’ll find an unknown number of rooms and corridors, including an observatory, a swimming pool, a library and the Cloister Room with the Eye of Harmony. The console room has probably become the most iconic image of the show.

The original TARDIS console room featured many roundel panels and a wall that included a high number of electronic devices and displays. The console had a hexagonal shape with six panels and many different dials and knobs that were used to control the flight of the TARDIS, open exterior doors and operate the view screen.


The Third and Fourth Doctor (1970-1981)

Doctor Who TARDIS Third Doctor

With Season 7-11, Doctor Who entered the seventies and it comes as no surprise then that a funkier, more colourful interior was introduced. After the Doctor was exiled to Earth, the TARDIS disappeared for a while in Season 7, but it was rebuilt in Season 8, now including a time rotor column. Although the console remained the same, the roundel wallpaper was replaced with large plastic dishes.

Doctor Who TARDIS Secondary Control Room

However, the set we’ll personally always cherish is the secondary console room in Season 13 (it can’t get more seventies)! It had a dark, wooden interior with a more basic outline, and also contained a large view screen that was built into the wall.

In Season 15, other rooms were introduced such as the swimming pool and the mysterious Zero Room.


The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor (1981-1996)

Doctor Who TARDIS Fifth Doctor

The TARDIS underwent multiple changes throughout the 80s and 90s, but the most noticeable one must be the introduction of a television screen that was installed on the console panel. The console looked more metallic and the view screens became larger. The console room during the time of the Seventh Doctor was the last one to have a white exterior.


The Eighth Doctor (1996)

Doctor Who TARDIS Eighth Doctor

1996 marked a new era for the show. In the Doctor Who TV film that was set during the turn of the millennium, the TARDIS underwent another metamorphosis and massively increased in size. Its grand gothic interior is reminiscent of a medieval castle with its stone walls, wooden floors and candles. The console was provided with a metal structure around it, whilst the Eye of Harmony in the Cloister Room kind of looks like the Hellmouth from Buffy.


The Ninth and Tenth Doctor (2005-2010)

Doctor Who TARDIS - Ninth Doctor

In 2005, Doctor Who returned after a hiatus of nine years. Another new, huge console room was created with a more golden brown ‘organic’ look and pillars growing around it like tree roots (it is said that the TARDIS was grown rather than constructed). The circular console, underfloor lighting and exposed cables gave the TARDIS a mysterious look as if it was situated somewhere in the middle of Earth.


The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor (2010-Present)

Doctor Who TARDIS Eleventh Doctor

After the TARDIS was destroyed at the end of the Tenth Doctor’s incarnation, it was repaired by the Eleventh Doctor and given a darker tone again with a magical aesthetic that was continued in Series 8 and 9. New, fancy furniture was added, such as desks, monitors and book shelves. In “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”, we learn more about the TARDIS’ endless corridors and its different rooms. It’s also revealed that the TARDIS can take on human forms… quite literally.

What do you expect the TARDIS to look like in the upcoming Christmas special? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our very own Doctor Who TARDIS Collector’s Box!

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