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God of War: Ascension Review

Ascension is the prequel that the renowned God of War game series deserves. Players take on the role of Kratos once more, a brutal warrior who has been betrayed by the gods, and who broke his blood oath to Ares after being tricked into killing his own family. The breaking of the blood oath to the God of War has made Kratos a target for the Furies, three demonic sisters who are the guardians of honour, and who punish those that they deem guilty. With the help of the oath keeper Orkos, the son of Ares and Alecto, Kratos discovers that Ares and the Furies are planning to overthrow Mount Olympus. Ascension tasks you to free Kratos from his imprisonment, Ares’ bond, and stopping Ares and the Furies before it’s too late.

God of War: Ascension is as fast-paced as fans of the series have come to know and love, with as great an emphasis on bloody, awesome combat as ever. Armed with the Blades of Chaos as your main weapon, players will be able to upgrade these as well as perform strings of intricate combo moves with them, giving a wide range and variety to experiment with when it comes to demolishing the mythological creatures you encounter. The quick time events all God of War fans expect are still here when you come up against stronger foes or bosses, yet have taken on a little revamping for this latest instalment.

Alongside your main weapon, you have the option of using secondary weapons such as a shield or javelin; very useful when you’re in need of long-range attacks or blocking. You will also be given the use of several different powers throughout the game, including the Fire of Ares, the Lightning of Zeus, and more, so that you can roast and electricute your enemies should you so wish. Using different moves will give you different rewards when you emerge victorious from a battle, giving you health or mana maybe when you need it most. Magic is locked further down the weapon upgrade tree compared to previous God of War games, challenging players to adapt their fighting style, and focus on different areas to upgrade with their experience points.

Well-paced and tough to conquer, Ascension ups the ante with different sections as you play, from bombarding you with enemies, to providing you with hard to kill enemies, and even testing your stamina; wait until you play the Trials of Archimedes to see what I mean. The game will consistently provide you with a stiff challenge throughout each and every chapter, guaranteeing an awesome sense of achievement when you beat whatever the game throws at you, which hardcore God of War fans will definitely relish.

God of War: Ascension is the first game in the series so far to include online multiplayer; this new addition to the series offers a wider scope for gameplay, especially for those who don’t just like to play solo. Within multiplayer, you get to decide your allegiance to one of four Gods, Ares, Hades, Zeus or Poseidon, and reap the benefits of this allegiance in the form of different abilities in battle. Worship Ares, and receive skills to make you a brutal warrior, side with Hades and become a master of stealth; it’s up to you. These choices help you to play to your strengths, whether you like to go in all guns (read: blades) blazing, or sneak your way to your enemies for a stealthy kill. You will be able to unlock special magic abilities, new and upgraded armour and weapons, and more as you earn experience points and level up your warrior.

There are four multiplayer modes in Ascension: Team Favour of the Gods, Match of Champions, Trial of the Gods, and Capture the Flag. These modes ensure you get a variety of online multiplayer, ranging from team battles/races, capturing bases, of course killing your opponents, and much more. You’ll have more than enough to sink your teeth into with Ascension’s online multiplayer, with the range of gameplay, combat, and upgrading options available to you as you level up your warrior and try everything out to become the champion.

God of War: Ascension is a must have game for all fans of the series, and receives a high recommendation from me for those who haven’t yet tried a God of War game. With the series’ protagonist’s origins finally being fully explored in Ascension’s storyline, refined combat and combo mechanics, the new addition of online multiplayer, alongside much more, Ascension is a perfect addition for both new and old fans of the game series alike.

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