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One of the tastiest and most unusual looking games due for release this year, Splash Damage’s team-centric FPS Brink is looking more and more compelling by the minute; a feeling that has been buoyed by the constant stream of fascinating official videos that show that this definitely isn’t just some mindless, run-of-the-mill shooter. When you pre-order Brink at zavvi.com you’ll receive an extremely cool Anger bandana mask, and if you’re still not entirely aware of how Brink actually works, have a look at the embedded video clips below. In them, the complex but seemingly (very) user-friendly ways in which the game deals with on-the-fly gameplay objectives and player classes are explained in detail.

Brink is released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on Friday May 13th 2011.

Watch the Brink ‘Objectives’ trailer here:

Watch the Brink ‘Classes’ trailer here:

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