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Sony PS4 Reveal – Controller and Camera


One of the most exciting components of the next generation console is the new controller, the DualShock 4. This wireless controller combines with the PS4 to help give gamers new gameplay experiences that until now have never been possible.

The DualShock 4 bares resemblance to the DualShock 3 controller in terms of size and shape, but boasts a variety of amazing enhancements:

  • Motion control is enabled by a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor
  • Dual analog sticks fine-tuned for better precision plus improved surface materials and shape for more delicate manipulation
  • L2/R2 buttons on the top of the controller employ a curved design for easier, smoother interaction
  • A new “Options” button combines the functions of the DualShock 3?s “Select” and “Start” buttons for operating in-game menus


These features are designed to simply build upon the controls that you already know and love, and give you more options in ways to play; an important focus of the new PlayStation 4’s experience. Linking back to the social aspects I already discussed in the previous Technology post, this controller also encompasses an innovative design that centres around the immersive social experiences that the PS4 will provide. This is in the form of the controller’s “Share” button, which allows you to a wide variety of social game-related interactions.

With the “Share button”, you can instantly upload images or videos to Facebook, and also even broadcast your gameplay in real time via streaming sites, for example Ustream, where your friends and fellow players can comment on and join in your game, opening up a whole new world of gaming opportunities. An example of this new found social interaction would be that if you’re stuck on a particularly hard level of a game, your friends can get involved by offering you health potions, weapons, ammunition, or whatever you might need.

The DualShock 4 also boasts a light bar with LED that lights up in various colours to match the colour of the character in the game, which can definitely come in useful when playing multiplayer so as to identify your character, and which can also help provide you with information, such as when your character has taken damage.

Alongside this, the DualShock 4 also boasts a touchpad on the front of the controller to act as a new input method, benefitting the player with even more varieties of interacting with the games. Also, there is a built-in speaker and headset jack that can provide you with high quality sound effects from the games. The PS4 will come with a headset bundled with it, so that players can chat with their friends whilst gaming online, and also hear the sound effects from the controller.









The DualShock 4 wireless controller was developed side by side with a second peripheral: a dual camera. This camera can sense the depth of the environment around it, and can also track the 3D location of the DualShock controller with its ingenious light bar. This new camera includes four microphones, all capable of accurate and precise sound detection as well as the origin of said sound, and will help to support the PlayStation Move motion controller with more precision than ever before.








The future of gaming is now in your hands!

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