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Following its tantalising appearance at this year’s E3 expo, EA and Danger Close are on the verge of unveiling a brand new trailer for their October-due blockbuster Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It’s going to feature some brand new multiplayer gameplay footage (which takes place on an all-new map) and if you want to see it early, head over to the official Medal of Honor Facebook page.

There you can partake in something called the “Multiplayer Trailer Unlock Challenge” in which you vote, like or share a series of polls due to appear over the coming few days. The tracker is already at 10%, and the trailer will launch as soon as it reaches 100%. A pair of official E3 trailers for the game are embedded below.

Visit the official Medal of Honor: Warfighter Facebook page by clicking here.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is currently due for release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on Friday, October 26th 2012.

Watch the Medal of Honor: Warfighter E3 Gameplay Demo trailer below: 

Watch the Medal of Honor: Warfighter E3 Multiplayer Gameplay trailer below: 

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