10 of the Rarest Funko Pop Vinyls Money Can Buy

10 of the Rarest Funko Pop Vinyls Money Can Buy

With Funko Pop releases coming for almost every property of note under the sun, we decide to take a look at just which Funko Pops are the rarest. We’ve done our research, we’ve trawled the internet into every nook and cranny to look for just which ones are the rarest. Here are the 10 rarest Funko Pop Vinyl figures money can buy.

1. Pop! Animation – Planet Arlia Vegeta: $820 USD

Topping the list is the loveable Dragonball Z character Vegeta. This Funko Pop variant was released in 2014 as an exclusive to New York Comic Con and Toy Tokyo. The Arlian Vegeta variant is based on the planet that Vegeta and Nappa destroyed offscreen in Dragonball Z before meeting (and starting a rivalry with) Goku during the Saiyan Saga.

2. Pop! Heroes – Batman (Blue – Metallic): $790 USD

This classic Batman Funko Pop! vinyl is one of the first Pop! Vinyl exclusives. Released in 2010 as a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, this Pop! Vinyl is limited to 480- making it even harder for collectors to find.

3. Pop! Game of Thrones – Ned Stark (Headless): $610 USD

Poor Ned Stark. The guy really can’t catch a break. This figure was released in 2013 as and SDCC Exclusive and has a bloody stain on his chest as well as a removable head. Just looking at ‘ol Eddard’s face here makes you really feel sorry for him. Oddly enough, it also comes with Ice, the Stark family sword that was used to behead Ned. This edition is limited to 1008 and has lots of unique features that you just can’t find anywhere else.

4. Pop! Disney – Lotso (Flocked): $540 USD

This cute variant of Lotso from Toy Story 3 is a little bit different to other figures, as the usual vinyl material has been replaced with more of a velvety material. It was released in 2011 at D23 Expo limited to 480 units.

5. Pop! Heroes – Harley Quinn (Silver): $400 USD

Who dipped Harley Quinn in a vat of silver? This variant of the original Harley Quinn is limited to just 144 units. Released in 2016, this was given out to Hot Topic Employees and is incredibly limited. This variant is sure to become even more exclusive as collectors get their hands on the elusive Silver Harley Quinn.

6. Pop! Funko – Freddy Funko (Kylo Ren): $400 USD

Freddy Funko is the Funko Pop Mascot and this time he’s donned Kylo Ren’s garbs, but he’s not quite as angsty or evil. Limited to 400 units and exclusive to Funko Fun Days, this Freddy Funko is only evil to collector’s wallets. Released in 2016, this is another Pop! vinyl that we expect will only increase in value in the future.

7. Pop! Star Wars – Boba Fett (Droids): $380

This bobble head of Boba Fett in his ‘Droids’ colours is yet another elusive San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Released in 2013, there are only 480 units of this Boba Fett in existence. For those of you who are not sure of what ‘Droids’ means, it was a television show that chronicled the adventures of R2-D2 and C3PO, which starred Boba Fett in an altered outfit.

8. Pop! Games – DJ Sona: Concussive: $340 USD

Released in 2016, DJ Sona: Concussive is a figure of an exclusive skin of a character from League of Legends. Released in 2016, DJ Sona: Concussive was released for those lcky enough to manage to get tickets for the League of Legends World Championships. This incredibly niche Pop! Vinyl is yet another collectible on this list that will only appreciate in value.

9. Pop! Marvel – The Amazing Spider-Man (Metallic): $340

Released in tandem with The Amazing Spider-Man Movie in 2012, this is yet another SDCC exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure to make the list. While the Andrew Garfield lead movie series will be coming to an end with the impending release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, this will only make this figure even more expensive, as there are only 480 units in circulation, with 218 already accounted for.

10. Pop! Disney – Cheshire Cat (Blue): $320

Last on our list is this recolour of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland that makes it look more akin to a sailor than cat. Released at SDCC in 2012, this figure is limited to 480 units with 241 currently accounted for already. Despite being the cheapest figure on this list, you can still expect to fork out a load of cash for this highly collectible recolour of this beloved character.

All prices and values were sourced from poppriceguide.com

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