Eddie Izzard is to be the voice of the Labour Party – and the Queen!

Not only has the comedian recently appeared in a Labour party election broadcast, but he will also provide the voice of The Queen when she features in The Simpsons.

In the episode, called ‘To Surveil with Love’, Her Majesty gets hooked on watching footage from CCTV cameras installed all over Springfield. The show will air in the US this weekend and on Sky1 in the UK in May.

Izzard has previously said of the show: ‘I’d love to be in it, but they never asked me, and I don’t want to push it. I think it’s because I’m a cult – rather than a mainstream – name.’

So will Eddie pull off his role in the Simpsons? It’s interesting that he’s not appearing as himself, but then again after the cringe worthy Ricky Gervais episode that’s maybe no bad thing!

Eddie’s now been a standup comedian, the nation’s most famous action transvestite, Hollywood blockbuster actor, political activist and multi-marathon running nut, what could be next?

We want your views…What should Eddie’s next career move should be (being funny again?).

The best answer to be submitted by 6th May wins an Izzard connected DVD of their choice. Leave your answer as a reply below…

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