Which Razer Mousemat Is Right For You?

Over at Zavvi, we’re pretty serious about our PC Gaming. We’ve tested out some of Razer’s latest and greatest mousemats, to see if they can really up our game. We tested these out on numerous games, with the key things being comfort, ease of use and how it stacks up when used intensely. Hopefully, this guide will help you level-up your game and start to come at the top of those leaderboards with these excellent mousemats. Here’s what we think of these excellent Razer Mousemats.

Razer Goliathus: Fissure Edition

We tested out the Goliathus: Fissure Edition, which is adorned with Razer’s iconic logo in addition to being the only soft mat in the series of mousepads that we’ve tested. Being a soft mat, it’s also highly portable, for those of you wanting to take your mousepads to conventions. What we found was that this low-profile accessory is great to use on the go, all you have to do is roll it up and get on your way! Additionally, the fibers within the Goliathus make it breathable, which means after long play-sessions, you’re not left with a gross, sweaty hand. Additionally, this Razer Mousemat has an anti-slip base, meaning that if you have to jerk quickly to ~just~ make that headshot, you can do it reliably, without your hardware letting you down.

The Goliathus is at its best for more mobile gamers, who might not have a huge desktop rig, but still want to be at the top of their game, with reliable hardware giving you that premium feel anywhere and everywhere.

Razer Vespula

The Vespula is a hard mousepad that’s as adaptable as it’s comfortable. Coming in two parts- a non-slip underside and hard pad that lies on top of it, which is also reversible. The two sides have two completely different textures, meaning that you’re able to switch up the feel of your mousemat whenever you like. Additionally, this Razer Mousemat has a soft wrist-rest will help you when gaming for longer periods of time, meaning that whether you’re a League of Legends demon or Battlefield 1 veteran, you’ll never tire out your wrists. This is the key point when it comes to the Vespula, it sits in a sweet-spot in terms of performance, adaptability, and comfort. After using it for extended periods of time, it was almost as if the Vespula was more an extension of our desk rather than a discrete mousemat, which is our highest recommendation.

The Razer Vespula is great for gamers who love streaming, longer play sessions or looking for a more adaptable mousepad.

Razer Firefly

If there’s one thing that Razer are known for- it’s their chromatic lighting. This is exactly what the Firefly brings to the table. With a modest size combined with the smooth surface, the Firefly feels ideal to those of you with the biggest gaming rigs. Despite the included chromatic lighting, the Firefly remains low-profile and great for those that may have larger desks, dedicated to gaming rigs. Boasting 16.8 Million colours, that are also customisable through Razer’s software. The Firefly is a great, more minimalist option that looks (and performs) absolutely fantastically. It has all the bells and whistles that you expect, like a non-slip surface.

The Razer Firefly is great for gamers that have larger, static desks and know what they want when it comes to performance.

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