The Best Gifts For Walking Dead Fans

Back in 201o, Rick Grimes awoke from a coma to unearth a post-apocalyptic world. Now over 130 episodes later, this zombie thriller has certainly got us well prepared for the threat of a zombie uprising.

The Walking Dead TV series is produced by AMC, following the hugely popular comics created by Robert Kirkham.

Following a group of survivors, they face the terrifying challenge of living in a world overrun by the dead. But strangely enough, it’s the living you should fear – with everyone doing whatever it takes to survive.

This show is unlike anything else out there and it’s success has led to 11 seasons of zombie fuelled madness, which has amassed a huge fan base in the process.

It’s a show that we love here at Zavvi and with it being one of the longest running series around, there’s a whole raft of cool merch for all us zombie fanatics out there.

We’ve sifted through the masses and selected 10 of the best gifts for Walking Dead fans, including Pop! Vinyl’s, posters, DVD’s and more into one gift guide. It’s a show that isn’t afraid to kill off our favourites (R.I.P T-Dog, Tyreese & Glenn) and you can re-live their best moments and much more here.

These are perfect for all lovers of the series and they’re well out the clutches of the Saviours, the Whisperers and walkers – so you’re in good hands here.

10 Gifts For Walking Dead Fans

  1. Rick v Negan The Walking Dead Poster
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    Rick v Negan The Walking Dead Poster

    Season 8 of the Walking Dead finally witnessed the duel that we’d all been waiting for between Rick and Negan. The pair had been hunting each other for sometime, with the hatred and bad blood between the pair at crazy heights. The result was another huge brawl between the residents of Alexandria and the Saviours which saw Rick get the better of his long standing rival before imprisoning him and ending the war. It was a real battle for the ages and you can commemorate it with this quirky TWD poster that’s a must have for any super fan of the franchise. Ideal for any room in your home.

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  2. Walking Dead Monopoly
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    Walking Dead Monopoly

    Everybody loves playing Monopoly and this special edition of the classic board game is a little different to the norm. The usual way of taking in the game has been overrun by the apocalypse, resulting in a real fight for survival. The board includes various locations and features from the series, including items such as Rick’s revolver, Darryl’s crossbow, Negan’s Lucille baseball bat, Walker heads and much more. This will provide plenty of entertainment for your zombie loving friends and is a must for any fan or TWD party.

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  3. Walking Dead Negan Figure
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    Walking Dead Negan Figure

    Love him or hate him, no one can deny what a fantastic character Negan is. Played by the magnificent Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this guy leads a group of somewhat questionable group of survivors that call themselves ‘The Saviours’ up against Rick and the gang. They’re an unforgiving, scary clan which means they need an imposing leader to direct them – roll up Negan. Villains don’t get much more charismatic, intimidating or brilliant than him and you can bring him to life with this fantastic figure, featuring him and the infamous ‘Lucille’.

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  4. The Walking Dead Limited Edition Steelbook - Season Three
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    The Walking Dead Limited Edition Steelbook - Season Three

    There’s plenty of contenders for the best season of TWD, but one of the standout ones is certainly the third. During these 16 intense Walking Dead episodes we see Rick, Darryl, his pregnant wife Lori and the rest of the survivors move into an abandoned prison. With high fences and strong walls it provides effective defence from the walkers but it’s a different matter when it comes to the living. The group are being coveted by The Governor who’s hell bent on destroying their community which makes for really gripping viewing. This will provide you hours of entertainment and if that wasn’t enough, it also comes in a limited edition steelbook featuring special Michonne artwork. A fantastic gift for collectors.

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  5. Rick Grimes Walking Dead T Shirt
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    Rick Grimes Walking Dead T Shirt

    We’ve all seen what the apocalypse looks like in the TV show and with this Walking Dead t shirt you’ll also look like you’ve come straight out of it. Featuring the TWD logo on the front along with several bloody hand prints, this is a must for super fans of the franchise. And if the walker blood wasn’t enough, it also includes everyone’s favourite sheriff Rick Grimes on the back. Bloodless clothing just won’t cut it anymore.

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  6. The Walking Dead Season One Framed Photograph
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    The Walking Dead Season One Framed Photograph

    This show has provided us with some incredible moments since hitting our screens back in 2010. There’s plenty that you could choose from but one that’s become iconic came way back in season one. Back when Rick was embarking into the scary new world fresh from his coma, he rides into Atlanta with the roads exiting the city rammed full of abandoned vehicles. But him on his horse just strolls straight in, showing all is not right. It’s an incredible image and you can bring it to life with this magnificent framed photograph – a great gift for any Walking Dead fan.

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  7. Glenn Walking Dead Figure
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    Glenn Walking Dead Figure

    Over the years TWD has given us some fantastic characters. The likes of Tyrese, T-Dog, Morgan, Negan, The Governor, we could go on. But one who we still miss now is definitely Glenn. He was one of the OG’s having been around since season one before being cruelly taken away from us. He changed drastically season-on-season, becoming one of the key members of the group and you can carry on his memory through this special Walking Dead figure. A great gift for any Glenn or TWD fan, he comes with his own assault rifle and stands at ten-inches tall.

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  8. Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Daryl
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    Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Daryl

    Another popular character to come from the franchise is Daryl Dixon. One of the season one OG’s, he’s been around for the entirety of the show and he’s become a real fans favourite. With his adventures on his motorcycle and close relationships with the likes of Carol making him loved by many. And now you can bring him home with this special Funko Pop Vinyl figure. He comes complete with his iconic crossbow and he’d make a great addition to any collection.

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  9. Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Michonne
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    Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Michonne

    When Michonne first arrived on the scene in TWD she was a real mysterious figure. She was first seen as a mysterious, cloaked figure with two zombies in chains as company, along with wielding a badass katana. She still has that crazy sword today which continues to run riot amongst the walker community and this Pop Vinyl figure shows it off. Another one of the longest serving characters on the show, this figure would make a great gift for any Walking Dead fan.

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  10. The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8
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    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8

    One of the best Walking Dead gifts you’ll find. You or a friend can re-live all the drama from seasons 1-8 with this magnificent DVD box set. This means you get to see the likes of Dale and Shane again in season one right through to the epic battles between Alexandria and The Saviours in eight. With 39 discs and a whole host of bonus content, this is THE present for any lover of this post apocalypse thriller. Pass us the popcorn.

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