April ZBOX Revealed: Genius

Ready to sharpen up your mind? This Month’s ZBOX is Genis, and we’ve featured some of the smartest minds in Film and TV. We’ve really lasered in on highlighting some of the best minds (both good and evil) In this awesome ZBOX. Whether you’re still studying or looking to get a little smarter- maybe a lecture from some of these characters will help you on your road to knowledge. Check out an awesome unboxing for GENIUS right here. 

Sherlock T-Shirt

Sherlock T-Shirt

When it comes to iconic geniuses, look no further than Sherlock Holmes, adorned with a hound of Baskerville and a motif of 221b Baker Street, in the style of BBC’s Sherlock TV Show.

Sherlock Print

Sherlock Print

Show off this awesome 10″x14″ Print in your home, with the same artwork as the T-Shirt, to match!


Pixel Blind Box – Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Figure

These Super Deformed Blind Boxes have cute, pixel-styled figures of your favourite characters from The Big Bang Theory.

Iron Man Vinyl Record

Why not style it out with this awesome coloured Vinyl with songs featured in 2008’s Iron Man, one of the very first films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Mini DC Bombshells – Harley Quinn

Bombshells Harley

From the DC Bobmshells alternate universe, this awesome figure of Harley Quinn, or Dr Harleen Quinzel, and is a great addition to your figure collection.

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ZBOX Genius

The ZBOX is a monthly geek box themed around your favourite geeky interests and will include a variety of items tied to a monthly theme. Perfect as a monthly treat or a gift for your geeky friends.




The ZBOX is a monthly geek box themed around your favourite geeky interests. It includes a variety of items tied to a monthly theme.