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The second game of note that I got my hands on at this year’s Rezzed was an alpha build of a real-time strategy come tower defense game called  Kaiju Panic by Mechabit. The devs describe it like so:

In Kaiju Panic you control a field commander who can call down construction modules from orbit to build defensive structures and rescue civilians from giant monsters. Call in supply drops, use special commander abilities, rescue scientists and research new technologies in the fight against the rampaging Kaiju.

 Kaiju, by the way, is the Japanese word for monster. On the devlog it seems Mechabit were umming and ahing over the title of the game, but it seems fine to me. Anyway – on to the game.

Kaiju Panic Kaiju

I should preface this preview by saying that I currently, and always have sucked at tower defense. Whether this aura of sucking is founded in a certain impatience of mine or is just a product of me just genuinely be being bad at them, I do not know.

Kaiju Panic, however, which played like a tower-defense without rails, was more forgiving. With only a couple of stages available at this stage in its development, it was hard to tell how re-playable the game could become, but it certainly left a good impression and the desire to play (and fail miserably) some more.

The main draw for me, however, was the game’s terrific animation and art style. The sprites were bouncy, gummy-bear sweet ans extremely responsive to user input. Buildings and towers clunked down with impressive panache, and despite the vast expanses of green nothing, my eyes were always whizzing around trying to keep an eye on resource gathering and stopping dastardly cute monsters eating my villagers.

The game will be released on Windows, Mac and eventually Linux, with those who pre-order now getting access to the beta. If you purchase a high-tier package you will get access to the alpha and also have yourself turned into an in-game NPC.

How do you feel the game looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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