5 Films Like Logan You Need To Watch

Most of us watched Logan this weekend, and the Wolverine’s final outing left us our jaws wide open. Not only was it a great sendoff for Hugh Jackman as the titular Logan, but also was incredibly different to pretty much any other Superhero film that has come before it. For some of you, it might seem like Logan is completely separate from every other X-Men movie or standalone that’s come before it. No longer is the entire world at risk, instead what we see is a smaller scope, with more of a focus on the principal characters, Logan, Laura, Charles and Caliban. If you liked what you saw of Logan, some of these films might be up your street. Here’s our list of films like Logan. You can watch the trailer below:

The Road

Viggo Mortensen stars in this critically-acclaimed, post-apocalyptic drama film starring a father and son struggling to survive after an apocalyptic event ends the world. If you enjoyed the paternal aspects and visual palette of Logan, you will find both of these elements in The Road. There seems to be a lot of DNA in Logan that seems to have been lifted from The Road, which also inspired hit game The Last Of Us. The Road feels like a quiet rumination on human nature more than anything else, after the collapse of society and subsequent degradation back to our carnal instincts.

Requiem For a Dream

Surprisingly, Logan offers insight into some aspects of addiction. From medicine addiction to alcohol, we see both being presented in a mature way in the most unlikeliest of films. Requiem for a Dream deals with these issues in a more direct manner. With its now iconic soundtrack by Clint Mansell, Requiem for a Dream is a harrowing watch, with genuinely disturbing moments and characters throughout. This is not a film for those of you who might have weak stomachs.

Blade 2

Blade 2 is the progenitor of high-octane and gory violence for films based on comic books. If decapitation, gore and unrelenting design were your favourite things about Logan, you’ll love Blade 2, which was also directed by Guillermo Del Toro- famous for the Hellboy series and Pacific Rim. If you want to trace the roots of the ‘mature’ superhero films that we’re starting to see today, you’re going to need to start with Blade 2.

Children of Men

You may remember Alfonso Cuaron from his previous work, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You might think, what does Harry Potter and Logan have in common? The thread here is Children of Men, another bleak, post-apocalyptic film which deals with many of the same themes as Logan- precious cargo, a journey, a protagonist with a past deeper than what we are shown onscreen. These elements combine with Children of Men’s Prog-Rock licensed soundtrack, which give the film its unique flavour. Children of Men is another difficult watch, so again- be warned.

Planet Earth 2

These movies are all a bit depressing, eh? If you’re feeling pent up from the tension and emotion from watching Logan, it’s worth unwinding with a nature documentary as well as grabbing a beverage of your choice to cool yourself down after the onslaught that is Logan. Who can say no to David Attenborough’s lovely, smooth voice narrating the scenes we see from the animal kingdom.

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