Timeline Of Great Female Game Characters

It is no secret that in general the representation of women in games has been consistently poor, if not downright terrible. Having well-created, well-rounded female game characters is something that will benefit everyone – developers and gamers alike – by creating, as feminist media critic and creator of the YouTube series ‘Feminist Frequency’ Anita Sarkeesian puts it, ‘richer, healthier, more complex  and inclusive gaming universes for people of all genders.’

As such we at zavvi.com wanted to at least celebrate those female characters that have been important in moving forward female characters – either in their first appearance or subsequent development. We created this awesome infographic to chart a timeline of 5 great female game characters and provoke some debate!

Who have we missed out? Who would you have chosen instead? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: Maskedlion3

Tom Pitts

Tom Pitts

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