Who is Iron Fist? Everything you need to know about Marvel’s last Defender

who is iron fist?

The Marvel Defenders have almost all arrived. We’ve seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage both get their own shows, and after the debut of Iron Fist all 3 heroes are set to debut in the Marvel Crossover event, The Defenders. Iron Fist might be a little more obscure than Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, so we’ve popped everything you need to know about Iron Fist into this guide.

Who is Iron Fist?

Danny Rand or Iron Fist (Played by Game of Thrones star Finn Jones) is the long-lost heir to a huge corporation. From what we can gather from the most recent trailer, it seems that Danny and his parents were involved in a plane crash. However, he survived. It’s unclear how he survived, but from what we can gather from his comic-book backstory (which may be different from the TV show) he comes upon the city of K’un-L’un after visiting with his parents and returns after their subsequent death. It’s in K’un L’un that Danny studies martial arts under a mystical master named Lei Kung before returning to New York in order to avenge the death of his parents.

It’s expected that Iron Fist will cover the character’s origin story, and will also star Night Nurse, Rosario Dawson’s character that has been the recurring thread between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. It’s expected that she will make an appearance in The Defenders collaborative event. Iron Fist is a more martial-arts based series than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones. While Iron Fist does have mystical qualities, expect us to see some excellent fight scenes and sequences. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming show below:

We don’t want to divulge too much on Iron Fist, in fear of spoiling the show, which is sure to be heavily influencing the show. Iron Fist is the last piece in the puzzle for Marvel’s local, New-York based superhero team. With the track record that both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have, we can expect that Iron Fist will have its own identity and tone that’s separate from the rest of the Marvel street team that we’ve seen before.

It’s undecided where the Marvel Television Universe will go after the debut of Iron Fist and the Defenders, but it could open the doors for other, lesser known characters to gain a spotlight. Depending on the impact and reception of both Iron Fist and The Defenders, we could potentially see these characters on the big screen as well as at home.

We’re incredibly excited to see the last piece of the Defenders fall into place, especially since both Cage and Iron Fist have always historically been pretty good friends. It presents the opportunity of having Luke Cage as more of a mentor figure to Iron Fist, just in order to counteract his more brash naivete.


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