Interview: Steve Coogan On Starring In Michael Winterbottom’s New Film Greed

Zavvi sat down and chatted with Steve Coogan, the star of Michael Winterbottom’s new film Greed.

The much-anticipated film delves into the lives of the super-rich and despite its comedy leaning, delivers a poignant message about the inequality between them and those they employ in developing countries.

Coogan discusses his role as Sir Richard McCreadie, his co-stars, the inspiration behind his character and how he felt about those impossibly white fake teeth.

Watch the interview now:

Greed hits UK cinemas 21st February.

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Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner

Contributing Writer

Matthew Turner is a freelance film journalist and host of the Fatal Attractions podcast. His favourite film is Vertigo and he hasn't missed an episode of EastEnders since 1998.