Interview: Star Ben Schwartz On The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

It’s a dream gig for lifelong avid gamer Ben Schwartz. A familiar face from Parks And Recreation, he’s loaned his voice to Bojack Horseman and Ducktales, and now he’s the voice of the most famous blue hedgehog in the cosmos – Sonic.

Released on Friday, Sonic The Hedgehog sees the blue speedy hedgehog landing on Earth and finding a buddy in the shape of small-town sheriff, Tom (James Marsden).

But not everybody wants to be his friend, particularly evil Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey), all because the little guy’s ability to generate enough electricity to solve the planet’s energy problems has caused a massive blackout.

And that power is exactly what Robotnik needs to take over the world.

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Zavvi sat down with Schwartz to talk about his favourite video games and how he came up with Sonic’s voice, as well as why the film – which is out on Valentine’s Day – is a great date movie.

He also owns up to creating one of Sonic’s best lines, and we get to hear from the heroic hedgehog himself!

Sonic The Hedgehog races into cinemas 14th February.

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