Daniel Craig set to return as James Bond

Daniel Craig

The 25th Bond Movie is currently in production, and news of whether Daniel Craig is set to return have been murky at best. However, today there has been fresh speculation that our Blonde Bond will be returning to the iconic role as of today, after much speculation as to whether or not the actor would be reprising the role.

Sources suggest that Craig is currently being tempted back into the role, having previously been tentative as to whether or not he will be returning to the franchise after Spectre. The studio is currently on a 1 movie every 3 years, with Spectre releasing in 2015, so judging by their schedule, the film would be due to start shooting this year- which means that they’d need to settle on who is playing the spy fast. However, the first choice for the next bond was supposed to be Tom Hiddleston.

Hiddleston appeared in a fair few high-profile movies over the last few years, and even indulging in a relationship with famed singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. Should Daniel Craig reprise the role, it’s quite possible that he will become Film’s longest-serving Bond, as he his first appearance was in 2006’s well acclaimed Casino Royale.

We currently have scarce details of the brand-new Bond movie, but it’s safe to say that we’re all in for a new entry into the franchise next year. What it will be about and who it will star is still all up in the air though, but all signs currently point to Daniel Craig, who has quickly become one of the most iconic actors who have played James Bond, by giving him a modern, contemporary feel in addition to giving Bond an origin story, and not the more cartoon-like version that we see in the older entries into the series.

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