The Lord Of The Rings TV Show: Everything We Know So Far

Soon enough we will be heading back to Middle Earth as Amazon’s new Lord Of The Rings TV show is on its way.

First announced in 2017, the anticipation has been building ever since, especially since Peter Jackson’s six movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s tales still have a very loyal fanbase.

Reportedly Amazon signed a $250 million deal to make the series, making it set to be the most expensive television show ever made, with the streaming platform already promising it will run for multiple seasons.

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Given the excitement around the show, there are many questions to be answered. When is it coming out? What is it about? Who will be in it? And much more!

Unfortunately Amazon are remaining tight-lipped about it all, but there are some details, as well as rumours of course, which have been revealed.

Here is everything we know about the Lord Of The Rings show so far.

When is the show set?

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The series will be set in what is known as the Age Of Númenor, a.k.a. The Second Age, making the show a prequel to the movies, both The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings.

Amazon confirmed this by sharing pictures of maps on their social media channels, then tweeting ‘welcome to The Second Age’, confirming the period in which the show will be set.

The two film trilogies are set thousands of years after this age, taking place towards the end of The Third Age, meaning we can only expect the odd familiar face from Jackson’s movies to pop up – basically slowly aging or immortal characters such as Elrond, Sauron and Gandalf.

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We still don’t know yet when within The Second Age the show will take place though, and given that it lasted for 3,441 years, even a guess could be way off.

The length of the age also gives us an idea as to the scope the show is aiming for, leaving us curious how much ground will be covered.

Especially since it looks like the first season will consist of 20 episodes, with behind-the-scenes supervisor Tom Shippey stating this to be the case.

What will the show be about?

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Whilst no plot details have been revealed, we can make an educated guess as to what the Lord Of The Rings show will be about.

That’s because The Second Age is most famous for being the period in which Sauron, the titular lord of the rings, created the One Ring, which will be the ring to rule all.

This of course then is expected to play a huge role in the series but outside of that, we can only guess, especially since there are countless storylines which could be explored.

Who is in the cast?

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Several cast members have been announced, mainly consisting of relatively unknown actors including Maxim Baldry, Robert Aramayo, Owain Arthur and Nazanin Boniadi.

Whilst these actors will play the leading roles, they will be supported by the likes of Tom Budge, Morfydd Clark, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Ema Horvath, Markella Kavenagh, Joseph Mawle, Tyroe Muhafidin, Sophia Nomvete, Megan Richards, Dylan Smith and Charlie Vickers.

Although it is mostly unknown who these actors will be playing, it has been revealed Morfydd Clark will be playing a young version of Galadriel, the royal Elf played in the original trilogies by Cate Blanchett.

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Midsommar’s Will Poulter was originally confirmed to also appear in the show, but has now left the project after scheduling conflicts meant he could no longer commit to the production.

It is yet to be revealed whether any cast members from the movies will appear in the series, but with the likes of Ian McKellen (who plays Gandalf) expressing their interest in reprising their roles, this will be likely.

Who are the showrunners?

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Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit veteran Peter Jackson has revealed he has no involvement in the show, with writing duo JD Payne and Patrick McKay taking the reins as showrunners.

Although they have only a few credits to their names, these do include big projects such as Godzilla vs. Kong and the upcoming Star Trek 4, with the latter’s producer J.J. Abrams being reportedly one of a few big names who recommended the pair.

Meanwhile Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s J.A. Bayona will direct the first two episodes, also being credited as executive producer.

When does production start?

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Production actually started earlier this year in New Zealand, of course, following in the footsteps of both The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

However in March, only a month into filming, Amazon announced that production would halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with it now due to start again later this year, having now been granted a border exemption from the country.

When is the release date?

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Whilst no release date has been revealed, Amazon did start production earlier this year meaning we can probably expect the show to debut in 2021.

Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke has previously commented that the show will be in production for two years with the hope it can start airing in 2021, but with COVID-19 having a huge impact on the film and television industry halting shooting, we may have to wait longer for this one now.

How many seasons will there be?

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What we do know though is once it has been released there won’t be long to wait for more, as a second season has already been commissioned with the same writers for the first already reportedly getting to work on it.

In fact Amazon have committed to producing five seasons of the show so far, a promise they will be sure to keep if the series strikes a chord with an audience in the same way the original trilogy did.

And of course, there is the possibility more seasons will be commissioned in addition to the five, with the deal also allowing Amazon to green light spin-offs too should they wish to do so.

Whilst there is no current release date, the show is expected to air in 2021. Shop our wide range of Lord Of The Rings merchandise here.

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