5 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tips That Will Help You Survive

With the Nintendo Switch coming out alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, its the game on everyone’s lips right now. this gargantuan adventure has you exploring a huge world, across locales and location in order to save the kingdom of Hyrule, which has been taken over by Calamity Ganon. Awakened after 100 years, you take up the sword of Link- who has been tasked with taking down Ganon once and for all. We’re 40 hours deep into the game, and here are our top Breath of the Wild tips for mastering the world of Hyrule.

Whip up a meal

While exploring the world, one of our best Breath of the wild tips would be to experiment with cooking. Cooking pots can be found all around the world, often at enemy camps or near stables and towns. If you’ve been wise, you’ll have picked up all manner of mushrooms, rock salts and meats from the land around you to cook into a delicious meal. Not only do these meals restore your health, but they can also have other curative effects. Adding certain ingredients into your food such as a Spicy Pepper will allow you to travel through cold climates, other items such as an Endura Carrot, will extend your stamina bar for a limited amount of time when cooked in a meal. These boosts can come in handy when you’re in a bind, so make sure to pick up and cook whenever you can! It’s a handy tip that is sure to help you on your journey.

Stop Horsin’ Around

No, we’re not talking about Bojack Horseman, but the fact that you should use horses and stables to their full extent. It’s not enough to simply run all the way around Hyrule on foot, but its also worth finding a steed to ride on. Horses can be found from all across the land, but not every horse is the same. Spotted horses have fewer stats and stamina than other ones, horses in solid colours are more likely to have higher stats. It’s not enough to simply pinch a horse from the wild, but you also need to tame the steed to prevent fits of equine rage. Once tamed, take them to a stable and register them. After that, you’re able to roam freely on a super-fast horse.

Shrine Bright Like A Diamond

The key to levelling yourself up and getting better stats is inherently linked to the shrines that are scattered throughout the land. These shrines glow, even at night in case you can’t find them. The shrines are pretty hard to spot and unlock fast-travel locations when you find them, so it’s worth seeking these out. A big tip is to go to a high point on the map, and mark all the seeable shrine locations in order to find them later on. Once completed you’re able to upgrade the amount of hearts or stamina you have even more.

Loot To The Stars

You’re going to find a lot of loot in Breath of the Wild. With the way that the game is structured, you’re going to be burning through a wealth of items at a pretty rapid pace. Thus, it’s pretty key to be able to find more powerful weapons to use in a pinch. Where you’re able to find all this stuff is in the camps that enemies hide out in. Often marked with a scout archer that can be alerted, they can be approached in many ways, and also be the source of incredibly rare items.

Patience Is A Virtue

It can be easy to see something new and immediately run towards it, but the freedom offered in Breath of the Wild makes it so that you’re able to approach situations intelligently. If there is a camp full of enemies, instead of charging in it could be worth scouting out the territory to use a different approach, which lets you use your abilities to their fullest extent, why not drop a remote bomb onto enemies from above? Swoop in and take them all out with a hammer? The possibilities are all there.

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