Feature: AC Worldwide HALO Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

Picture the scene. You’re blasting through the Ivory Tower, energy sword in hand. Out bellows from beside you this certified banger. You look to your left and there he is…Master Chief himself…okay so it’s not the real Master Chief but it is the AC Worldwide Master Chief HALO Bluetooth Speaker.

We got our hands on one of these bad boys and gave it a little bit of a road test. If you’re HALO-mad looking for a speaker with more bottle and bite than most ordinary speakers on the market, you’re in the right place!

AC Worldwide HALO Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

  • Halo Master Chief Helmet Casing
  • Rechargeable Battery (2-3 hours charge time)
  • 4-5 hours Battery Duration
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • DC Input
  • USB Output Port
  • AUX Port
  • Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 31 cm
  • Weight: 3KG
  • 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x Cleaning Cloth and 1 x Pair of Cleaning Gloves
halo bluetooth speaker

Master Chief in all his glory!

First things first, the HALO Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker is a beastly speaker unit. Out of the box the first thing you notice is the weight and the height of the thing. We can’t stress this enough but its pretty much a life-sized head (apple for scale in below image!).

Halo Bluetooth Speaker

Apple for scale (no trickery here!)

A chunky speaker like this is bound to pack a few pounds but this isn’t anything surprising considering the audio output it delivers. After giving it a full charge we let this thing loose to see what it can really do. With 7 adjustable volume/tone controls on the front, the speaker gives you a surprisingly large amount of control on the audio output. The speaker easily connects up via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled device, or alternatively through the AUX input on the rear of the speaker base. The handy little USB port on the back makes for a great addition to charge up any phones or iPods you’ll be using while playing your music. It’s clear a lot of attention has been placed in making the design as ergonomic as it is aesthetically pleasing, and it’s these little features that just give it that must-have edge. If you’re a fingerprint nutter, the handling gloves are the perfect way to ensure no grubby mitts muck up your Spartan helmet speaker!

halo bluetooth speaker

Rear of speaker base.


halo bluetooth speaker

Front of speaker base.

Now…This is Where The Fun Begins!

By this point we’re now ready to start playing some music. The first thing you’ll hear once successfully connected to the speaker (via Bluetooth) is the booming voice of the Master Chief himself. With the audio confirmation and the light-up eyes, this makes for an epic feature to the speakers showing that the guys at AC have really put a lot of thought into user experience. After blasting through a variety of songs (All Star was the obvious first pick), we were really impressed with the audio quality. A little bit of tweaking via the control bar on the front and the audio quality was just what we were looking for. Perfect for creating truly epic scenes while laying waste to all who stand in your way on the battlefield!

halo bluetooth speaker


Halo Bluetooth Speaker: The Verdict

After having a good mess around with the AC Worldwide HALO Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker we can confirm we’re big fans. The speaker itself is a great looking thing and it’s definitely got the bark to match the bite. While it might not be right for you in terms of aesthetic appearance, if you’re huge Halo fans like us you’ll know you’re definitely missing out by not having one of these pride of place!


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