5 Geeky Homeware Products That You Need To Own

Geeky Homeware

Moving into a new home can be a pretty stressful time. A new place can be pretty hard to settle into, so the natural jump is to stuff it with things you love for that little personal touch. We’ve got a huge range of Geeky Homeware that can make your place feel a little more personal. From mugs to duvets and more, we’ve shortlisted some of our favourites into a handy little list that you can explore!

Framed Skyrim Illustration

The Elder Scrolls series is huge, and there is a plethora of concept art for Bethesda’s iconic fantasy series. This framed Skyrim concept art features a character clad in the very cool-looking Daedric armour facing off against one of the Series’ powerful Dragons. This premium, framed print would fit in on any wall and can give your home that geeky little touch that you’re looking for. Fit for a games room or any living room, this high-quality art looks striking and is worth a space on your wall.

Stormtrooper Duvet Set

Show your love to the all-powerful Star Wars Empire by adorning your duvet with this reversible duvet. Featuring the classic Stormtrooper helmets or TIE Fighters, this iconic helmet is sure to pop out in any room. This classic black and white design is will blend into any room. This set even includes a cool Yellow and White TIE Fighter Pillowcase cover. The Empire is one of those iconic, unforgettable icons of modern pop-culture, so why not adorn your sheets with this great looking duvet cover.

Question Block Light

You can finally buy a Question Block Light from Super Mario. With a simple tap of the block, you’re able to light it up.Whenever you tap it, it is accompanied by the iconic noise you hear in Super Mario Bros for the NES. This is a really cool piece of memorabilia that is sure to pop out more than any other lamp on your desk. This block can be powered by either batteries or USB, so you don’t have to go rooting around for batteries if you want to use it!

Transformers Autobot Mug

Transformers is one of those incredibly iconic series, revitalised by the big-budget movies that came around a decade ago. This Autobot-shaped mug will have you belting out The Transformers Movie’s soundtrack every time you make tea or coffee. Nothing like a bit of 80’s power ballads to take you through the brew. Dare to keep all your dreams alive, and remind yourself of your favourite Transformers with a simple mug. Highlights include Astrotrain, a train… that becomes astro.

Batman Vs Superman Reversible Cushion

Batman and Superman clashed in 2016’s Batman V Superman, and you can bring the fight straight to a nice, soft cushion. Whether you’re a fan of Batman or root for Superman, this reversible cushion lets you pick a side and has lovely comic-book styled illustrations of each character.

Death Star Lightshade

People grabbing any other lampshade aside from this are making Alderaan decisions in their life. Have the Death Star loom over you with this highly detailed lightshade. It’s no moon, like other lampshades. Have the power to destroy planets and channel the energy of your lights with this cool, cheap lampshade that’s a symbol of systematic genocide and destruction!

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