Rian Johnson And The Cast Unpack The Secrets Of Glass Onion

The press conference for the London Film Festival premiere of the highly anticipated Knives Out sequel Glass Onion was just as riotous as the movie itself.

Writer/director Rian Johnson joked that the story of the upcoming threequel was beginning at the very moment some equipment falling over caused a loud bang.

Actor Kathryn Hahn chuckled as she commented that this very conference was her Notting Hill moment, calling out to the journalists for her Hugh Grant – one kind gentleman immediately volunteered himself.


And cast and press alike cheered as Benoit Blanc was confirmed to be gay, with Johnson stating that the detective is “obviously” queer.

During Glass Onion we learn more about Daniel Craig’s suave detective including yes, the fact that he is in a relationship.

We won’t reveal which popular actor plays Blanc’s partner as it’s one of many delightful surprise cameos in the film, but Craig is right when he says, “to be honest, who wouldn’t want to live with that person”.

Whilst more layers of Blanc are peeled away, he thankfully remains an enigma, drawing us in with his sly grins and the way he eloquently delivers the offbeat dialogue in his Kentucky-fried Foghorn Leghorn drawl.

This time round we join Blanc as he travels to a private Greek island for his latest case, attending a glamourous party where soon enough someone ends up dead.

The host of the elaborate gathering is tech billionaire Miles (Edward Norton), a self-inflated charlatan who has probably never had an original idea himself.


The partygoers form the rest of the cast of players which includes former model Birdie (Kate Hudson), her assistant Peg (Jessica Henwick), influencer Duke (Dave Bautist), his girlfriend Whiskey (Madelyn Cline), Miles’ ex-business partner Cassandra (Janelle Monáe), scientist Lionel (Leslie Odom Jr.), and politician Claire (Kathryn Hahn).

In the latest edition of our free digital magazine The Lowdown, we heard from Johnson and his cast about the suspicious ensemble cast of characters who form the centre of this mystery.

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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is streaming on Netflix from Friday 23rd December.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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