5 Incredible Features of the Nintendo Switch That You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch Features

The Nintendo Switch is one of the coolest consoles we’ve ever seen, combining Nintendo’s Handheld and home console dominance by fusing the two together into this hybrid device. Being a hybrid console isn’t the only thing that the Switch has up its sleeve, though. The console has a host of cool, interesting features that are incredibly cool. We’ve taken the time to take a look at all of the details, and have listed out the coolest Nintendo Switch features!

HD Rumble

Bearing a strange name, HD Rumble is one of the biggest features of the joy-cons that attach onto the side of the Switch. Utilising technology that we’ve never before seen in games. HD Rumble lets you feel marbles inside the controller for example, which is a completely different level of detail in comparison to the other rumble features that have previously adorned consoles. It’s incredibly difficult to explain, without getting your hands on it yourself. This is one of the coolest Nintendo Switch features & 1-2 Switch is a great example of a game that shows us what is possible with HD Rumble.

Different Play Modes

The versatility of Nintendo’s new console means that we’ll see the Nintendo Switch adopt a few different styles of play. The first of which is the docked mode, which has the Nintendo Switch placed in its dock, enabling you to play it on a larger screen or with a bigger controller. Another configuration for the Nintendo Switch’s play modes is having the joy-cons attached to the side of the screen, which enable it to look a little it more like a sleeker version of the Wii U Gamepad, except you’re able to take it anywhere. Additionally, the final configuration has you playing the game on the console, with each joy-con detached, with the Switch’s kickstand extended for playing games without the need to a TV.

Adaptive Resolution

Some of you might look at this and wonder what this might mean, adaptive resolution in the Nintendo Switch is one of its principal features, and also one that almost everyone with a Switch will use. When using the Switch undocked, the console will render at 720p, which is also the native resolution of the screen. However, when docked the Switch will switch to render in native 1080p, meaning that games will look even better when you’re all docked up. This is one of the cooler Nintendo Switch features that is unique to its hybrid console features.

Nintendo Switch Features

Combined First-Party Efforts

In previous generations, Nintendo has historically had their development efforts split between two platforms. However, with the Switch, Nintendo have managed to unify their development efforts into one single console. What we can learn from this is that Nintendo is really focussing on the Switch as their main development focus. This means that we’re going to see even more first-party output from Nintendo’s own Studios. Games and IPs like Donkey Kong, Metroid, F-Zero in addition to the classic stalwarts such as Mario and Zelda will eventually be on Nintendo Switch. While it’s not a technical feature of the console, we’re incredibly excited to see what new titles Nintendo brings to the Switch.


Standardised Charging

Nintendo historically has not been the best in the world at standardising their chargers. With the New 3DS entirely lacking a standardised power adaptor. Nintendo does away with this trend by having the Nintendo Switch’s power & USB inputs being a USB-C connector, which are still not too commonplace in consumer tech yet. This incredibly versatile connector isn’t like any normal USB, it enables super-fast charging and already has a whole host of accessories and portable chargers.

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