Nintendo Switch Reviews: What the Critics are Saying

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch reviews have almost landed, so we’ve talked to some gaming experts- some of whom already have their hands on Nintendo’s brand-new hybrid console. With Nintendo’s gambit of combining their two console paradigms into one, we’ve talked to experts to give their two cents on what they think might come from Nintendo’s careful gamble with the production of this hybrid console. Unsure what the Switch does? Check out our Top 5 Nintendo Switch features. 

Telegraph Gaming Critic Olivia White comments: “The potential that the Switch has in providing both a handheld and a home console experience could change the landscape of how we interact with our games, and with a strong lineup that takes advantage of the Switch’s unique features could go down in history as an important step in the evolution of games machines.”

Other journalists such as Jordan King from Trusted Reviews and more echo this sentiment, adding “The ultimate bedtime machine. I’m really excited for it, just need more info on the virtual console!” It’s unclear as to whether or not the Nintendo Switch will have the same Virtual Console functionality that we’ve seen on the 3DS, Wii and Wii U, but pulling from their back-catalogue of classics would be a wise move for the Japanese games company. It has since been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will not have Virtual Console support at launch.

Nintendo Switch Reviews

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However, other critics are not as optimistic about Nintendo’s new gamble. Joe Parlock, Editor-in-chief of Let’s Play Video Games says: “I don’t think it will have the long-term third party support Xbox and PS4 have. It’s going to be the Wii U again.” Parlock is referring to the Wii-U’s relatively mediocre Third-Party support, with only a handful of developers embracing the Wii U, which was comparatively and underpowered machine, similar to the portable Nintendo Switch.

Freelancer and former managing editor of Bleeding Cool Patrick Dane adds: “While there is something magic about the concept, without a more enticing library in first year, it’s going to be a rough start.” Dane’s skepticism is shared by many in the gaming community, while the launch window has a new Zelda and some new IPs, the rest of the year looks comparatively sparse. However, with further announcements expected later in the year, the first year of the Nintendo Switch could still hit big.

Some critics have already had their hands on a Nintendo Switch, such as columnist Chris Schilling, who has written for The Guardian & EDGE Magazine: “Switch is a wonderfully versatile piece of hardware that should prove a valuable middle ground between disposable mobile games and expensive blockbusters”  Mike Diver, senior editor of  Waypoint by VICE further adds; “If its third party support slips then it’ll be another great system, not enough games situation” In reference to the Wii U’s lackluster third-party software library.

Nintendo Switch Reviews are still being judged, with critics still of the opinion that Nintendo might need more software to justify the purchase. Despite this, it’s got gamers worldwide incredibly excited. Want to know more about the Nintendo Switch? Check our handy guide out for more.

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