Top 5 Characters in The Fast & Furious Series

To celebrate the release of The Fate of the Furious, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite characters in order to let you know who to look out for. If you’ve never watched the series before- beware, some stuff in this might be a little bit spoiler-y. Here are our 5 favourite characters in The Fast and Furious series! Have a gander at the latest trailer for The Fate of the Furious right here!

Dominic Toretto
Where would the series be without Dom, eh? Our hero, with the iconic Dodge Charger is the current staple of the series and has arguably gone through one of the most cohesive character arcs of anyone in the series. Played by Vin Diesel, this slice of prime beef is not only one of the best drivers around, but also one of the most conflicted, almost becoming an anti-hero for the series, as he forges new alliances and grows, kicking ass and driving awesome cars along the way.

Brian O’Conner
Who can forget Brian O’Conner, who was once the soul of the series. Played by late actor Paul Walker, we see a brotherhood form between Brian and Dominic, a bromance to rival even Apollo Creed and Rocky. Brian starts off as an undercover cop but quickly becomes embroiled in the racing scene, after meeting Toretto, putting his signature tuning on his later cars. Brian is one character that we’re never going to see coming back to the series, so be sure to get up to speed with the series before checking out the latest entry into the series.

Luke Hobbs
First introduced in Fast Five, Hobbs quickly became an integral part of the team, after first being the team’s adversary. Played by The Rock, Hobbs is yet another powerful protein monster with a heart of gold. In terms of vehicles, Hobbs likes his cars almost as large as himself, driving vehicles that are huge, and pack a little extra variety into the series, and has enough presence to join the family while taking a similar position to Brian’s character at the start of the series.

Mr Nobody
Anything Kurt Russel touches is gold, so this means that his performance as Mr Nobody in the Fast and Furious series means that the fact that some of you have not seen it yet is borderline sacrilegious. Mr Nobody is a master hacker, remaining in the shadows and only ever known by his alias. In the grand scheme of things, he’s pretty minor, but a super, untraceable hacker played by Kurt Russel is really, really hard not to recommend.

Letty Ortiz
Letty is a proficient mechanic, street racer and childhood sweetheart of Dom. She’s had one of the darkest storylines in the series, sharing the limelight with Dom. She is outspoken, brash and also fiercely independent. It’s a refreshing take on this testosterone-addled series, that they can have an awesome character that is just as brilliant as the rest of them, and also has some incredible hidden skills that most don’t know about until later on in the series.

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