Venom: Let There Be Carnage – First Trailer Breakdown

It is finally here! The first trailer for the highly anticipated Venom sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, has been unleashed!

Watch it here:

As action-packed and as silly as you would want it to be, the teaser gives us a glimpse at the face-off between Tom Hardy’s returning character Eddie Brock (Venom) and Woody Harrelson’s newbie Cletus Kasady (Carnage).

And naturally it is also packed full with Easter eggs! Let’s sink our teeth into it all with a full trailer breakdown.

At Home With Venom

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Opening on a scene which sees Venom and Eddie struggling to live in the same body, it’s clear from the start that the sequel will definitely feature plenty of odd couple comedy.

Eddie clearly looks tired of Venom’s antics, although the latter is trying his best serving up a rather chaotic yet kinda scrummy looking breakfast.

With the movie being set nearly two years after the original film, the pair have been together for a while now, attempting to figure out how to live with each other therefore developing quite the dysfunctional relationship.

Meet Cletus Kasady

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We first met Kasady in the post-credits scene of Venom, which ended with him telling Eddie: “when I get outta here, and I will, there’s gonna be carnage”.

That sequence also introduced the relationship between the two to us, which is explored more in this trailer as Kasady seems quite obsessed with Eddie saying: “I’ve been thinking about you Eddie, because you and I are the same”.

Whilst Kasady may think they are kindred spirits Eddie disagrees, with director Andy Serkis telling IGN in an interview he’s only interested in chatting to the murderer as a way to reignite his journalism career.

Sink Your Teeth Into This One

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Although at the start of the trailer we spot a written note that says “rules no eating people”, it seems that Venom isn’t paying it much attention as we see him grab a screaming man, showing those teeth seemingly ready to enjoy a snack.

Naughty Venom!

Easter Egg Alert!

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Following on from a shot which sees Eddie researching Kasady and the missing bodes of his victims, we are treated to a couple of Easter eggs!

Firstly, that Daily Bugle logo is the same one used in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. It may just be a coincidence, or it could mean something else…

Also that’s actor Stephen Graham there reading the paper. He’s playing a police officer investigating Kasady called Mulligan in the film, so there’s the potential it could be Patrick Mulligan, who in the comics is the first host of the symbiote Toxin.

Anne Is Back!

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Here we get a glimpse at Michelle Williams as returning character Anne Weying, Eddie’s ex-fiancee.

The narration here speaks about “who do we leave behind”, suggesting Anne is this to Eddie. It will be interesting to see what role she plays in the sequel, given how things were left open at the end of Venom.

Entering Ravencroft

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Ravencroft Institute may look nice on the outside, but in the comics it is home to many of Spider-Man’s villains. There may be some characters here that we recognise from the Spidey comics!

Meet Shriek

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Presumably inside Ravencroft there are a whole bunch of experiments going on, which we get a look at in the trailer.

The focus here is on Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison, a.k.a. Shriek, who in the comics is a regular enemy to Spider-Man and lover to Kasady.

She appears to be locked in a glass cage, seemingly being one of the scientists’ test subjects.

Kasady Got A Haircut

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We now get our first proper look at Kasady, who is sporting a new haircut compared to the one we saw him with in the Venom post-credits scene.

This moment seems to be taken from an interaction with Eddie, with Kasady saying “welcome back” and that he’s missed him.

Transformation Time

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A montage shows us what to expect from Kasady’s transformation into Carnage, which appears to happen during his execution as we see him given what could be a lethal injection.

Things don’t seem to go to plan though, as he starts turning into Carnage causing chaos.

Two figures are then seen walking away from a building on fire. Is this maybe Carnage and Shriek?

Unleashing Carnage

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Of course the trailer ends with a build-up of action to a final reveal, which is our first proper look at the character Carnage. And wow, he is quite the beast!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is scheduled to be released in cinemas 24th September 2021.

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