Zavvi Collector’s Coins: Coin Collecting 101

A few months ago we put our first collectors coins in a ZBOX and we couldn’t believe the response we had to it. We wanted to give you a little bit more of a background into the wonderful world of coin collecting and why keeping and collecting these special edition coins could be worth a lot to you in the future!

What is Coin Collecting?

Numismatism, or coin collecting as it’s more commonly known, is the hobby of collecting coins. A coin’s value for numismatists (coin collectors) can be attributed to multiple factors such as the scarcity of the coin, the specific design on the coin or the variation of a certain collectors coin that makes it unique. All of these individual factors add value to the coin and make the coin a desirable item for collectors.

ZBOX Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collector’s Coin (ZBOX Exclusive Gold Variant)

In our November ZBOX – CLASSICS – we included our first collectible coin. To celebrate 25 years of the pre-historic smash hit, we included a ZBOX Limited Edition Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collector’s Coin. This coin was limited in its production with 1000 of these being ZBOX exclusive gold variants. It featured the classic t-rex skeleton on a coin just a bit bigger than a standard £2 coin. Now before you go and try to use this coin to buy your next pint of milk or pay for an extra hour’s car parking, the coin itself has no value as legal tender (unless you happen to be in InGen’s next project dinosaur park but we’d advise against that as it hasn’t worked out well so far for anyone). However, due to the limited run of these coins and the high demand for these one-of-a-kind collectible pieces, the value of the coin greatly increases for keen numismatists and Jurassic Park fans. A quick search on the internet has thrown up re-sale values on the coins ranging from £80 for a silver variant and as high as £180 for the gold variant. If any of you have a gold variant out there – KEEP IT SAFE, that coin could buy you a house one day (okay so we’re exaggerating here but we can dream, right?).

Jurassic Park 25th anniversary collector's coin

Zavvi Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collector’s Coin (Zavvi Exclusive Gold Variant)

Following on from this, we then launched a limited edition run of a new Jurassic Park Collector’s Coin to complete the full set. In this run we included a Zavvi Exclusive limited edition gold variant. This differes to the ZBOX version with the amber design on the back as opposed to the initial Jurassic Park gates design. The gold version was quickly snapped up by the numismatists out there, however there are still some of the silver variants avaialble to purchase here.

jurassic park zavvi collectors coins

ZBOX Sonic the Hedgehog Collector’s Coin (ZBOX Exclusive Gold Variant)

Following on from the huge response from our ZBOXers for this coin, we decided to pop another one of these coins into our January ZBOX. As part of the Power Up theme we added in a ZBOX Exclusive Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Collector’s Coin. The coin featured Sonic and Dr Eggman with the message “Sonic’s the name, speed is the game”. Similar to the Jurassic Park coin, the coin was limited in its production with only 1000 of the gold variant being produced. We’re yet to see any up for re-sale at the time of writing this article but if the Jurassic Park coin is anything to go buy we can expect to see the value on this collectible piece increasing considerably. Think again before trying to use that coin to buy your next meal deal, it could be worth a lot more if you just wait a while (then think how many meal deals you could buy with that)!

sonic zbox coin


Zavvi Sonic the Hedgehog Collector’s Coin (Zavvi Exclusive Gold Variant)

Due to the popularity of the Sonic coin we’ve extended the Sonic Collector’s Coin set to include a Zavvi Exclusive Gold variant with a new unique design. This will be different to the ZBOX Exclusive Gold variant and will feature a different design on the reverse of the coin. For the numismatists amongst us, this will be an essential coin to have to complete the Sonic Collector’s Coin set!

sonic collector's coin

Zavvi Exclusive Sea of Thieves Collector’s Coin ( Gold Variant)

Set sail on the seven seas with this exclusive Sea of Thieves collector’s coin, tying in with the release of the Xbox Exclusive game. This unfortunately has no sold out but keep yer eyes peeled for any future booty, matey!

Zavvi Exclusive Jaws Collector’s Coin (Gold Variant)

It’s not safe to swim today…make your collection stand out from the rest with our fin-tastic limited edition Jaws Collector’s Coin!

jaws collectors coin


Our range of collectible coins doesn’t stop here – check out the full range in our Collector’s Coin merch store!

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