Jenny Slate And Dean Fleischer Camp Introduce Marcel The Shell

When the first Marcel The Shell With Shoes On short film was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, no one expected it to become an internet sensation (it currently has 33 million views on that platform alone).

But there was one exception: Dean Fleischer Camp, one of Marcel’s co-creators, who in his heart knew that the anthropomorphic shell was destined for greatness.

He explained why to Zavvi: “I’m usually full of self-doubt so this wasn’t a common feeling, but when I made this video it clicked, it sang, it was more than just the sum of its pieces.

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“I was already impressed by what we had created and felt that it could immediately stand on its own two feet, whereas things usually crash and burn the first time you try them out. I had made the original short film for a friend’s live comedy show so screened it there.

“This was Brooklyn in 2010 so these shows attracted a judgemental crowd – that’s not derogatory, I was also one of those jerks.

“Seeing that cold audience have their hearts warmed by Marcel, connecting with him, breaking through that cool façade they were trying to put up, I was like, ‘wow’!”

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Based on that reaction, Camp posted the short film to his YouTube channel and the rest is history. Millions fell in love with Marcel, who was crafted in 48 hours on a $6 budget by Camp and comedian/actress Jenny Slate, who also voices the little guy.

The pair released two further short films and tie-in books too, all of which only made Marcel more popular.

Naturally, big Hollywood studios wanted a piece of the action, flooding Camp and Slate with offers, who turned them all down as whilst the duo wanted to make a feature film, they felt that going down the independent route would be the right fit for Marcel, allowing them to retain that crucial creative freedom and authenticity.

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Anyone who watches the resulting feature will agree that Camp and Slate made the right decision here, but at the time it was undoubtedly a huge risk to take.

Not only did they have to fund the project independently, but very few features are made with a hybrid of stop-motion animation and live-action due to how complex that process is – it’s no wonder it took seven years for the film to reach our screens.

In the latest edition of our free digital magazine The Lowdown, Camp and Slate discussed the many challenges they faced in crafting the beloved character’s latest adventure.

Read the full interview here by picking up your copy.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is released in UK cinemas on Friday 17th February.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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