John Cho Talks Moving Road Trip Drama Don’t Make Me Go

The all-American road trip has a long history on the big screen, helping tell stories of love, loss, and friendship.

There’s something about setting characters off on a journey on the open road that allows them the opportunity to reveal themselves, to each other and the audience.

It was therefore the only way to tell the story of Don’t Make Me Go, which follows single father Max (John Cho) as he takes his daughter Wally (Mia Isaac) on a road trip after discovering he has a terminal disease, hoping to cram in everything he possibly can into the time he has left.

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Upon reading Vera Herbert’s screenplay, filmmaker Hannah Marks knew immediately she wanted to make this movie, strongly connecting with the central relationship.

Given that the movie is a character study, closely analysing this father and daughter relationship, Marks knew it was crucial she got the casting right. She knew early on she wanted Cho to play Max and fortunately for the filmmaker, he swiftly said yes.

But finding the actor to portray daughter Wally was more challenging, however, the team knew they had discovered a rising talent when Isaac sent in a tape during a nationwide search.

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For the latest issue of our free digital magazine The Lowdown, Cho, Isaac, and Marks discussed the making of the emotional movie, also revealing their go-to karaoke songs.

Head here for the full interview.

Don’t Make Me Go is streaming on Prime Video from 15th July.

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