New Release Round-Up: New 4K’s, Steelbooks And Blu-rays For March 2024

You’d better make some more room on your shelf.

March is absolutely jam-packed with new steelbooks, collector’s editions and 4K remasters of both major blockbusters and cult hidden gems ready for release. It can be daunting to know which titles to buy first, especially when many limited-edition sets can sell out in a flash – so, we’ve decided to put together a monthly guide to all of the upcoming major releases any collector should have on their radar.

At the time of writing, these are all scheduled to be released and dispatched in March, but release dates are subject to change. Please keep an eye on each listing for any last-minute updates.

Here is your week-by-week guide to the month in 4K, steelbook and collector’s edition Blu-ray releases; all titles included below are in-stock at the time of writing.

4th March

You wait for one Sony Pictures steelbook to arrive, and then three show up at once. That’s certainly the case on Monday, 4th March, when three 4K steelbooks from the studio hit shelves – and there’s something for everyone here, with a quintessential coming-of-age classic (Stand By Me), a tense WWII thriller (The Guns of Navarone) and campy monster movie thrills (Godzilla 1998).

If you want even more carnage after seeing the radioactive monster lay waste to Manhattan, then welcome Art the Clown into your life. The silently menacing villain has been brought to 4K for the first time via the limited edition Terrifier: The Bloody Duo steelbook – catch up with both cult hits before Terrifier 3 arrives later this year.

There may be one extra steelbook to watch out for too; pre-orders of the limited-edition Wonka steelbook sold out almost instantly, but there’s a chance more copies will be available once it’s properly released. If not, then the standard 4K edition will still unlock your pure imagination.

As for collector’s editions, the fourth volume of the Colombia Classics 4K boxset will be released, and once again, the studio has put together an eclectic mix of cinematic gems from their 100-year back catalogue; His Girl Friday, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Kramer Vs Kramer, Starman, Sleepless In Seattle and Punch-Drunk Love.

Finally, Francis Ford Coppola’s definitive director’s cut of his underseen early 1980s gem – now titled One From The Heart – Reprise – will be released on 4K and Blu-ray.

11th March


This is a quieter week for new releases, which will give you more time to pour through the typically expansive special features on this month’s big Criterion 4K release: The Roaring Twenties.

Starring James Cagey and Humphrey Bogart, this 1939 crime epic, which charts its characters’ rise-and-fall between WWI and the Great Depression, is regularly cited as the last of Warner Bros. great gangster films of this period – so naturally, it comes with new essays, interviews and commentaries unpacking its legacy at great length.

18th March

Second Sight’s limited edition sets are always worth seeking out, and that’s no different with their two March releases; Punks vs Neo Nazis thriller Green Room, and sci-fi infused body horror Possessor. Both 4K remastered movies come with a wealth of new special features, 120-page books featuring new essays, and art cards – pick them up before they sell out.

For Whovians, season 15 of the BBC’s time travelling saga – from the beloved Tom Baker era – has been lovingly remastered. The Doctor Who Season 15 Collector’s Edition is stacked with brand new feature-length retrospective documentaries, interviews and commentaries, which will bring you so close to the action you’ll feel like you’ve ridden in the TARDIS.

Other 4K’s getting released on 18th March include the newly remastered Amityville Horror, courtesy of 88 Films, and the recent DC Blockbuster Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. We also want to shout out one of the BFI’s notable releases of the month, the underrated nineties Brit-flick Beautiful Thing, which lands on Blu-ray with an illustrated booklet featuring new writing on the film.

25th March

For steelbook collectors, there are two very different animated titles released on 25th March. The first is the seventh season of animated hit Rick And Morty, which couldn’t be further from the family friendly charms of Wish, Disney’s celebration of 100 years of magical storytelling – both steelbooks are Blu-rays.

88 Films have an array of vintage British horror 4K remasters hitting shelves, including brutal English civil war epic Witchfinder General, starring Vincent Price, gruesome folk-horror Blood On Satan’s Claw, and the sweeping Count Dracula, which star Christopher Lee intended to be the most faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel ever filmed. If that wasn’t enough, they have put together a Blu-ray retrospective of seven films by the “Godfather of British Horror” – the limited edition Flesh And Blood Show boxset is a worthy addition to any genre fan’s collection.

These are far from the only cult horror titles hitting shelves. 88 Films also have the bloody giallo A Blade In The Dark in 4K, whilst Indicator have two Ozploitation classics – Patrick and Snapshot – and three genre-bending Mexican oddities of the 1960s on Blu-ray; The Bat Woman, Santo Vs. The Riders Of Terror and The Panther Women, each of which comes with an exclusive illustrated book with new essays.

The final launches worth putting on your radar are the Blu-ray/DVD mediabook of The Greatest Story Ever Told, and the 4K remaster of 1990s thriller Primal Fear. That is, if you have any shelf space left…

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