The Top 10 Best Christmas Jumpers For Adults 2020

Christmas is around the corner and although it may be slightly different this year, one thing never changes – the classic Christmas jumper.

An absolute must have for the festive season, the humble Christmas jumper not only keeps you warm during the chilly winter months, but it also helps spread seasonal joy.

But with so many on the market, it can be a struggle to find the perfect one. Don’t worry though, we are here to help.

Here is our list of the top ten best Christmas jumpers for adults this year, ensuring there is something for everyone here.

1. Jurassic Park Christmas Knitted Jumper

Life, uh, finds a way this Christmas with this festive Jurassic Park unisex knitted jumper that is perfect for any wannabe Alan Grants or Ellie Sattlers.

Also, dinosaurs are known for their love of Christmas! Right!?!

Not only does this jumper have an awesome design featuring that iconic logo as well as a few added dinos, but the fact it is knitted makes it perfect for a snuggly night on the sofa.

But what movie to choose? Well, there is only one option…

2. Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Christmas Knitted Jumper

Who wouldn’t want to spend a Christmas at Hogwarts? We know we would!

Celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter at the most magical time of year with this comfortable knitted jumper, which features the iconic logo for the platform at which the one and only Hogwarts Express arrives, ready to whisk you away to Hogwarts itself.

With the jumper being unisex, it is fit for all witches and wizards, and perfect to wear during a festive Harry Potter marathon.

3. Marvel Avengers Christmas Knitted Jumper

In a way getting your friends and family together at Christmas is like the Avengers assembling, but rather than tackle supervillains we take on that big Christmas dinner instead.

And whilst you fight to see just how many roast potatoes you can get down you, this unisex Avengers Christmas knitted jumper is perfect to give you the super strength for such an occasion.

Featuring the iconic ‘A’ for the Avengers, it will also keep you warm during those chilly winter nights.

4. Zavvi Exclusive Batman Knitted Christmas Jumper


Yes, we too yell this out loud as soon as we see the Batman logo!

And if you are a Batman fan, this unisex knitted Christmas jumper is a must have this festive season, and one you can only get at Zavvi with it being an exclusive design.

Either pick one up for yourself or be a Gotham hero this Christmas, by getting it as a gift for a loved one.

5. Zavvi Exclusive Wonder Woman Knitted Christmas Jumper

If Batman isn’t your thing though, his DC Comics ally Wonder Woman might just be, with this knitted Christmas jumper being a perfect gift for any fan of the legendary superhero.

Another Zavvi exclusive design, this fabulous unisex jumper is only available here and will ensure anyone can sleigh their day.

With Wonder Woman bringing honour and truth to everything she does, you can wear her logo with pride this Christmas.

6. Zavvi Exclusive Nintendo SNES Christmas Knitted Jumper

One for the gamers out there, this knitted Christmas jumper celebrates the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was first released in 1990, but is still loved by the gaming community today.

Nintendo has graced us with many a great Christmas present over the years, so why not treat yourself to this jumper as a festive treat?

Exclusively available on Zavvi, you won’t find this unique jumper anywhere else!

7. Gremlins Stripe Christmas Knitted Jumper

Is Gremlins a Christmas movie? This debate rages on year on year, and we will leave it up to you to make your own decision, but here at Zavvi, we say yes it is!

Which only makes this Gremlins unisex knitted Christmas jumper even more festive, and perfect for either a seasonal gift or treat for yourself.

Featuring the one and only Gizmo at the heart of the design, always remember: don’t feed him after midnight, don’t get him wet and don’t put him in bright light.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

8. Fallout Happy Holidays Knitted Christmas Jumper

Vault Boy is one of the most iconic images in gaming, the corporate mascot of the Vault-Tec Corporation within the Fallout universe.

So of course he had to take centre stage on our Fallout unisex Christmas knitted jumper, complete with Santa hat of course because it is the festive season.

And whilst you know, in the Fallout world there has been a global nuclear war, there’s no need for quarantine when you look this good.

9. Mickey Mouse Knitted Christmas Jumper

Perhaps the cutest Christmas jumper on this list, this adorable Mickey Mouse unisex one is perfect for any Disney fan.

Officially licensed by the House Of Mouse and exclusive to Zavvi, you won’t find a jumper like this anywhere else on the market.

Dressed in his classic red attire, but ready for winter with an adorable scarf and Santa hat, Mickey is as warm and toasty as you will be in this jumper.

10. Back To The Future Christmas Knitted Jumper

This jumper is heavy, Doc. Real heavy.

As Marty says himself, this Back To The Future Christmas knitted jumper is pretty awesome, and with it being unisex too, it is perfect for any fan of the classic movies.

Featuring the iconic DeLorean at the heart of the design, whilst it may not transport you to the future or the past, it will ensure you stay warm this winter.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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