Top 10 Masters Of Cinema Blu-Rays – Gift Guide

Here are some great gifts for that cinephile in your life.

Masters Of Cinema lovingly restore classic films, rereleasing them on Blu-ray with gorgeous new artwork and a treasure trove of special features.

These include rediscovered classics dating back to the silent era, as well as major works by some of the biggest directors of all time.

This week’s Zavvi gift guide takes a deep dive into some of the great Masters Of Cinema titles you can buy right now – head over here to browse our full collection.

  1. The Most Dangerous Game
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    The Most Dangerous Game

    90 years after its original release, The Most Dangerous Game remains one of the most influential cat-and-mouse thrillers of all time.

    This restoration of the film comes with bonus features analysing the “hunted human” sub-genre of horror, as well as a collector’s booklet with new essays and gorgeous illustrations.

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  2. Onibaba
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    A groundbreaking work of Japanese horror cinema, Onibaba shocked audiences in 1964 due to its graphic depictions of violence and sexuality.

    It remains a haunting classic to this day, and this rerelease does it justice, featuring an archive audio commentary with director Kaneto Shindo, a collector’s booklet, and a ton of special features.

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  3. Lifeboat
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    It makes perfect sense that Masters Of Cinema would restore a classic from the Master Of Suspense.

    Hitchcock’s WWII thriller casts us adrift at sea, after a Nazi attack on a ship leads its survivors to take refuge on a lifeboat – but not everybody on board is to be trusted.

    Special features include HD transfers of Hitchcock’s two little-seen French language propaganda films produced by the British Ministry Of Information in the hope of reaching people in Nazi-occupied France.

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  4. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
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    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

    One of the most expensive silent-era productions, featuring the original Universal movie monster, this 4K restoration of the beautifully nightmarish film is a must-have for any cinephile.

    The first run edition comes in a gorgeous slipcase, with the set including brand new audio commentaries and a bonus collector’s booklet.

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  5. Kes
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    One of the most iconic British films of all time was given a gorgeous high definition restoration overseen by director Ken Loach himself.

    Kes remains one of the defining social realist films, and will still leave you an emotional wreck nearly 60 years after its original release.

    Bonus features include interviews with cast and crew, a booklet featuring new writing on the film, and archival material.

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  6. Paper Moon
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    Paper Moon

    One of the best films of the seventies has been beautifully restored in high-definition, meaning that the gorgeous cinematography from László Kovács has never looked better.

    This rerelease features a whole host of special features, including commentary from director Peter Bogdanovich, recorded prior to his passing earlier this year.

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  7. Buster Keaton: The Complete Short Films 1917 - 1923
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    Buster Keaton: The Complete Short Films 1917 - 1923

    Arguably the holy grail of silent comedy, this collection of Buster Keaton’s earliest shorts shows his evolution on-screen, from his first footsteps on camera to an established presence over the course of six years.

    The four disc set also has

    a whole host of special features, including rare alternate endings to several films, as well as never before seen footage that was left on the cutting room floor.

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  8. Metropolis
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    Another silent classic in the Masters Of Cinema series, still regularly voted one of the greatest science fiction films ever made, is Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

    In addition to the original cut, there’s the restored 2010 edition (featuring half an hour of previously lost footage), audio commentaries, collector’s booklet, and an orchestra rerecording of the score!

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  9. Vampyr
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    After a decade-long restoration project by the Danish Film Institute, one of the most enduringly mysterious silent films is finally ready for a second look.

    This Vampyr set comes with a bonus collector’s booklet, new documentaries on the film’s impact, and two audio commentaries – including one by super-fan Guillermo del Toro.

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  10. Johnny Guitar
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    Johnny Guitar

    Overlooked upon original release, Johnny Guitar is now widely regarded as one of the greatest westerns of all.

    This 4K restoration includes new commentaries and interviews (such as an archival introduction by Martin Scorsese), as well as the usual lovingly compiled collector’s booklet.

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