Boba Fett Standalone Film On The Way!

As the Solo: A Star Wars Story hype train rolls into the station, the juggernaut that is Lucasfilm isn’t skipping a beat with plans for a Boba Fett standalone film now in the pipeline!

Boba Fett Standalone Film: What We Know So Far

As usual with these things we only know the bare bones basics for now. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that James Mangold will be writing the film, with Lucasfilm looking into other possible standalone films including Obi Wan (WE NEED MORE EWAN MCGREGOR OBI WAN!). We can’t wait to see which classic Star Wars characters make an appearance in this film and when in the expanded universe the film will take place. Potentially we could see something of a similar storyline to the canned Star Wars 1313 game which was rumoured to be based around a young Boba Fett. Either way, here’s hoping we see those slick dual blasters that Jango left behind!

Boba Fett: The Greatest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy

Boba Fett quickly rose to become a fan favourite after his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back in the 1980’s. He has since gone on to have an elaborate backstory, with appearances in the prequels alongside his father Jango Fett, appearances in the animated Clone Wars series, and multiple features across graphic novels, games and popular culture appearances. Boba Fett has become so popular with fans that he is reportedly the most sought after action figure in the whole Star Wars universe, with the rare “Rocket Firing Boba Fett” figure reportedly fetching a hefty sum of $22,500.

Boba Fett Standalone film- boba fett action figure fetching $22,500.

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