12 Great Gifts For Super Mario Fans

When it comes to iconic gaming series, nothing can really compete with the longevity and success of the Super Mario franchise.

Since debuting in 1985 on the old NES, this franchise has taken the world by storm and it’s still going strong today with plenty of us still playing those classics whilst enjoying the new releases – with there now a whopping 31 games in total.

Despite there still being several new entries to the series, it still provides lots of nostalgia which is one of the reasons that it remains popular and a real jewel in the Nintendo crown.

This franchise has provided us with some fantastic moments and characters over the years but we all have our favourites, whether it’s Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi or even Bowser!

Here at Zavvi we absolutely love Super Mario and the sheer scale of the universe means that there’s plenty of merchandise and gifts for fans to get stuck into!

Below we’ve chosen 12 of our favourite presents that’ll put a smile on any Super Mario fans face – including everything ranging from question block lights to mushroom cookie jars!

12 Best Super Mario Gifts

  1. Super Mario Question Block Light
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    Super Mario Question Block Light

    Does it get more nostalgic than this? Bring the game to life with this fantastic light inspired by the famous question block. In game he jumps into these to receive coins and power-ups and whilst we can’t promise you that’ll happen with this one, it is a superb piece of kit. Perfect for bedrooms or a home office, this is certainly one of the best Super Mario gifts around and it’s ideal for all fans of the franchise.

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  2. Super Mario World Print
    £9.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Super Mario World Print

    Everyone has their own favourite game to come from this series, but ours has to be Super Mario World. This game is a real Nintendo Classic that came on the old SNES and it provided us with hour after hour of entertainment. And for those of you that echo those views, this may well be for you. This special edition print showcases retro artwork featuring the man himself alongside Yoshi and other characters in the game. This would make a great treat for yourself or a present for a friend, with it looking fab when framed.

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  3. Super Mario Mushroom Cookie Jar
    £22.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Super Mario Mushroom Cookie Jar

    We all know how he loves a mushroom, in game they make him big and strong, meaning he poses an even bigger threat to the enemies that stand in his way. Mushrooms have become a symbol of the franchise and you can bring it to your home with this amazing cookie jar. In the shape and design of the Super Mushroom that’s so prominent across the series, this may not allow you to grow like he does but you’ll be able to reward yourself with some tasty cookies. This is certainly one of the best Super Mario gifts around!

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  4. Toad Mario T Shirt
    £14.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Toad Mario T Shirt

    This franchise throws up all kinds of characters and one of the most popular comes in the form of Toad. He’s one of the OG’s having been around since the first game on the old NES back in 1985, meaning that he’s one of the most popular within the game. And now fans of this little mushroom person can rejoice with this really cool designed t shirt. This grey garment features Toad climbing out of the pocket but don’t worry, he won’t run away!

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  5. Nintendo Super Mario Mug
    £10.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Nintendo Super Mario Mug

    We all love a nice tea break and you can take it to the next level with this huge mug, featuring the Super Mario logo and the man himself. Coming in his trademark red, this giant mug will make those cuppas that little more enjoyable, the perfect way to re-fuel after a long day of jumping down pipes and saving princesses.

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  6. Super Mario Watch
    £29.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Super Mario Watch

    Ever wanted to know what it feels like to take him around with you on the move? Yep, thought so. Well now you can do so with this cool watch that’ll provide a fantastic present for any fan of the franchise. Coming in a vibrant red and blue, his trademark colours, and featuring his face, telling the time will never be the same again.

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  7. Mario Action Figure
    £23.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Mario Action Figure

    It’s-a me, Mario! Bring your hero to life here with this superb action figure from the iconic SNES game. This features the Nintendo legend alongside some special parts that make this one of a kind. You’ll find a Super Mushroom, shells, block parts and a coin that make this both something great for the kids and a cool part of any collection!

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  8. Mario Varsity Jacket
    £34.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Mario Varsity Jacket

    Bring some Mushroom Kingdom fashion to your wardrobe and wear the Super Mario logo with pride with this exclusive varsity jacket. This garment has a real retro feel about it which is great for this franchise, with it coming in a bold red and black along with sporting the ‘M’ symbol. Nintendo fashion is the best fashion right?

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  9. Super Mario Bros USB Light
    £11.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Super Mario Bros USB Light

    Just about anything plugs into USB’s these days. Your phone, headphones, fans, cup warmers, you name it, there’s all sorts. But here we’ve unearthed one of the best gadgets without a doubt, with this retro Super Mario Bros USB light. Simply pop this into your laptops USB port and you’ll be transported straight back to 1985 with the retro, vintage Mario from that classic game on the NES. This is certainly one for the old school Super Mario fans.

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  10. Retro Yoshi Mug
    £7.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Retro Yoshi Mug

    Another icon of the franchise comes in the form of his trusty steed Yoshi. He’s another iconic character and he’s someone that we’ve had an awful lot of fun playing as over the years. He’s fast, powerful and he can also reap the benefits of power-ups, making him able to fly, breathe fire and more! So if you’re a big Yoshi fan or know someone that is, then this item is definitely for you! This retro styled mug is the perfect gift for any fan of this brilliant dinosaur, with its bold green colours complimenting the famous Super Mario logo very nicely.

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  11. Super Mario Power Up Coasters
    £7.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Super Mario Power Up Coasters

    One of the most exciting parts of any Super Mario game comes in the form of the power-ups. These transform your character and give them new abilities which are crucial as you progress through the levels and face enemies as big and daunting as Bowser! But with this present idea there’s no need to jump into one of the question mark blocks to receive them! This coaster set features all of them including invincibility, Super Mushroom, fireball and the ability to fly – the perfect addition to your home. But apologies we can’t guarantee you’ll actually be able to do any of those things.

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  12. Yoshi Egg Light
    £22.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    Yoshi Egg Light

    We all know the joy of finding Yoshi in game. He’s able to eat and stomp on enemies, fire shells and even fly with the power-up, so it’s fair to say that we’re always on the look out one of those magic eggs hatching. So how good would it be to have one of them at home? Nope, this one doesn’t hatch but it does light up and it makes a perfect addition to any fans bedroom or office space. Another nostalgic piece of lighting, this is a certainly a must have gift for Super Mario fans.

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