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With critics reeling over Nier: Automata, we thought it might be a good idea to put together a beginners tips guide, for those of you who might not be too familiar with the works of director Yoko Taro, or fans of high-octane action game directors Platinum Games. You play as Android 2B, who is sent to Earth to fight against the Machines, who have been dominating Earth for thousands of years. With a wealth of weapons at your disposal, it’s easy to get lost in the depth of the combat and systems in place in Nier: Automata. Here are our top Nier: Automata Tips.

Plug In!

Your Plug-In chips probably matter more than what weapon you have equipped, or anything else for that matter. You’re able to customise your UI, what you see onscreen and also give yourself boosts and upgrades to your abilities. In particular, there is a plug-in chip that you’re able to find that will make all of your attacks also do ranged damage, which is helpful for 2D portions of the game or large enemies that you can’t quite reach. Aditiionally, you should definitely upgrade your chip capacity at the resistance base as soon as you can, as it allows you to buff yourself even more.

A Spot of Fishing

Fishing is actually a great way to earn money in the game, and it’s a pretty simple process, just simply go up to any body of water and hold circle to start fishing. Depending on the fish you catch, you should be able to catch a wide range of fish, with some even being worth up to 10k. Another top tip for fishing would be to always fish in a different area once you’ve caught a few in a certain spot. Fish are naturally averse to their pals just suddenly disappearing, so it’s worth walking around to find the best spots to find fish to sell on. If you find a certain fish, you might be able to unlock a secret ending, too!


Lock on can be a little bit finicky sometimes, especially when tackling large groups of enemies. When you’re in a dangerous situation full of large groups of enemies, instead of running or walking around, try dodging everywhere instead. The timing of the counterattacks are always pretty generous, so you should just be able to counter against them when you’re in a pinch. Additionally, when you are up against a group of enemies, it’s definitely worth utilising your pod’s abilities to chip away at enemies from a distance.

Tame the Beasts

If you’re finding that traversing the world is becoming a chore, you are also able to mount the various animals across the world and ride them. Not only does this make travel times shorter in between quests, but you can also kill the animals at the end and sell their rare items for money at the market. This helps especially if you want to be stocked up on curative items or buffs, both of which will help you in the later parts of the game when the challenge starts to ramp up when it comes to bosses and enemies.

2B or not 2B

While you play as 2B to get to the first ending of the game, Nier: Automata is designed to have 4 playthroughs, with each of them getting different mechanics and characters layering on top of themselves in order to build itself up to something more. It’s strongly recommended that you do play through the game multiple times, as it not only opens up more content but also is incredibly rewarding narratively. If you’re having trouble understanding Nier: Automata after playing through it, it’s well worth playing it through a few more times, just to fully understand what’s going on.

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