An Introduction to Valiant Comics

You’ve heard of Marvel, you’ve heard of DC- But Valiant Comics is also a stalwart of the industry, and has a whole roster of heroes of its won that are unique, new and fresh. The company was founded by ex-Marvel Comics editor Jim Shooter alongside Steven Masarky. After recruiting several artists and writers from Marvel, they launched their own unique line of superhero comics with a mixture of characters.

Some of these lesser known heroes, such as Harbinger, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar, but more on those guys later. The company also has their own collaboration, similar to the Avengers or Justice League, known as Unity. In 2005, Valiant was bought out by a group of entrepreneurs, and also hired Jim Shooter to write stories to accompany legacy releases of Valiant classics. Since 2012, Valiant Entertainment has launched their own line of comics that have spun off of the classics, and have helped to bring the brand into a new generation.

Since then, Valiant have introduced a whole line of people and characters into their universe, with great success. Not heard of some of their comics before? Don’t worry. We’ll run you through some of our handpicked recommendations now!


Harbinger is all about teenage misfits with extraordinary superpowers, known as Harbingers. The story is centred around an incredibly powerful Harbinger, known as Toyo Harada, who is able to control his powers, as well as activate his powers at will. It was these things that made Harada such a dangerous person, and used these abilities to create the Harbinger Foundation, which searches for other Harbingers. From here, the seeds are sown once Harada meets another Harbinger that can control his own powers, from here, the seeds are sown for dissent and it’s Harbinger vs Harbinger in this desperate battle between these two souped up superheroes.

X-O Manowar

This comic takes us through the throes of time and space, Aric of Dacia was once heir to the throne of the Visigoths, who would eventually sack Rome, however a supernatural threat known as the Vine kidnapped him- and after several years in captivity, Aric managed to steal an experimental power-armour known as the X-O Manowar and lead a rebellion against the Vine. The power armour, also known as Shanhara has since been contested over in numerous crossover events and more. X-O Manowar continues to be one of Valiant’s most iconic franchises around, and may just be our personal favourite of the lot, especially since Volume 2’s continuation of the original 90s story.


Bringing the violence to the Valiant universe, Bloodshot features copious amounts of violence, thanks to the evolved nanites in his blood that allow for Superhuman strength, recovery from any wound, the ability to alter his body shape all in addition to being able to talk with machines. Bloodshot was wiped of all memory when the experimental nanites made their way into his blood. Needless to say, Bloodshot is incredibly deadly, as well as being armed to the teeth with weapons at all times. This one is definitely a Valiant classic that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.

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