Where to find your favourite LEGO Batman Figures

With the looming release of The Lego Batman Movie, we thought to put together a short guide on how to find all of your favourite characters from the movie. The legacy of Batman has created a lot of memorable villains, and many of them have been included in the Lego Batman Movie. These sets accurately portray the events of the film, after Batman became one of the breakout stars of 2014’s The Lego Movie. The Lego Batman figures are all separated out into different sets so it might be hard to find the particular character that you’re after.

It should be pretty easy to find Batman as he’s included in almost every set! But for a character like Calendar-Man, he’s only available in a single set. For all of you diehard Lego collectors, it can be a nightmare to find a full set, but these sets seem to include all the main characters from the film (Robin even has those dorky glasses on). The split of characters is also divided between the scenes in which they appear in the film so you can have your own little Lego Diorama at home.
For any fan of Batman or Lego, this film is the stuff of dreams. With many obscure comic characters finally attaining Lego Batman Figures form. The star-studded cast of The Lego Batman Movie consists of big names such as Will Arnett reprising his role as Batman, Micheal Cera as Robin and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth, and that’s just to name a few of our heroes. Whether you’re a follower of Batman or not, The Lego Batman Movie is proving to be a film with a strong cast as well as notable alumni who also worked on The Lego Movie.

The Lego Batman movie seems to be bringing together characters from throughout Batman’s lifetime, and not just the ones that star in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, which it the polar-opposite of the tone of this movie. So whether you’re a fan of the Bat-Nipples in Batman Forever or the Classic Batman TV show, you’ll be sure to find something for you in this new movie starring the caped crusader. Batman Vs Superman proved to be a pretty divisive film between DC fans, so having the panacea of The Lego Batman Movie will definitely prove to be a crowd-pleaser. Take a look at the trailer below:

Here’s our list of which Lego Batman Figures that are included in certain sets and have highlighted some fan-favourites in bold!

The Joker Balloon Escape: Batman, The Joker
Mr. Freeze Ice Attack: Mr. Freeze, Batman, Security Guard
Catwoman Catcycle Chase: Catwoman, Batgirl, Robin (Glasses Variant)
The Ridder Riddle Racer: Batman, The Riddler, Magpie, Calendar Man, Kite Man
Clayface Splat Attack: Batman, Mayor McCaskill, Clayface
The Batmobile: Batman, Robin, Kabuki Twins, Man-Bat
The Joker Notorious Low Rider: The Joker, Harley-Quinn, Batgirl
Killer Croc Tail-Gator: Batman, Killer Croc, Tarantula, Zebra-Man
The Scuttler: Batman, The Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Poison Ivy
Batcave Break-In: Batman, The Penguin, Alfred, Bruce Wayne, Scu-Batsuit, Bat-Pack Batsuit, Raging Batsuit
Scarecrow Special Delivery: Batman, Scarecrow, Security Guard
The Penguin Arctic Roller: Batman, The Penguin
Arkham Asylum: Batman, Robin, Aaron Cash, GCPD 1, GCPD 2, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Arkham Asylum Catwoman, Arkham Asylum Joker, Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy, Arkham Asylum Two-Face, Barbara Gordon

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