Power Rangers Review Roundup: What The Critics Are Saying

The iconic Power Rangers have returned to the big screen after 20 years in this brand-new reboot of the classic franchise. Based off of the Super Sentai how Zyuranger, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers became a worldwide hit and has spawned over 20 seasons of the show since its debut. Now looking to make a return to the big-screen, we see the classic Power Rangers return in a slightly different form. Directed by Dean Isrealite, the Power Rangers reboot sports Bryan Cranston of breaking bad fame as their mentor, Zordon and Bill Hader as his trusty assistant Alpha 5. With the film finally being released into cinemas, check out our Power Rangers Review roundup right here! Not seen anything from the film yet? Check out the trailer below:

So far, it seems that Power Rangers has received mixed reviews from critics. However, the film has been praised for staying true to the campy nature of the Power Rangers series, with some even stating that the film has a ‘Breakfast Club’-Esque feel to it. Our main characters are Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly and Billy, who are all delinquent teenagers at a crossroad in their lives. From what we’ve seen, it seems that they were chosen to band together, as well as overcome their problems together. We’ve got our complete Power Rangers Review Roundup below.

“Power Rangers” maintains the essence of its origins in that it’s rather pleasantly bonkers. It errs on the side of goofy rather than gritty, and that’s to its favor.” – Seattle Times

“The first thing to know about the new Power Rangers is that it’s no longer a cheapo proposition. It’s been given a spare-no-expense makeover replete with slick CGI effects and big-name stars giving the sort of broad performances that remind you that everyone has to work for a living.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Israelite, building on his experience with teen sci-fi feature Project Almanac, orchestrates a vastly more complex array of characters, action set pieces and technical resources for a combined effect that maintains dramatic tension even while teetering on the brink of excess. CGI characters and special effects sequences by Weta Workshop and a variety of other companies are seamlessly integrated and consistently thrilling.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s a testament to these five actors and their collective charisma that they not only breathe real life into underwritten, cookie-cutter characters but also winds up being more interesting as regular teens then they are as color-coded superheroes.” – The Wrap

“Power Rangers” really does believe that people are stronger united than when they’re going it alone, and it embeds that conviction into its action scenes” – RogerEbert.com

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