The 5 Best Movie Twitter Feeds To Follow

5. Rotten Tomatoes

At around 4 tweets a day, the Twitter feed for the imperious movie review site won’t spam your feed with nonsense, instead providing you with the juiciest movie news and reviews right from the vine – as well as the odd snarky comments:

4. Mark Kermode

A film critic for the BBC and the Observer – having taken over from the legendary Philip French – Mark Kermode is also the author of ‘Hatchet Job’. You can find his BBC reviews with Simon Mayo onBBC Radio 5 Live where he manages to balance enthusiastic movie brio with cutting wit and balanced movie insight.


3. BFI

The bastion of British film, the BFI consistently tweet out interesting links, facts and shots from all kinds of film – be it British, European or anything else. A must-follow.


2. Chris Mintz-Plasse

It’s McLovin from Superbad, what more do you want? More seriously, Mintz-Plasse is a really funny guy in general and clearly a big movie fan in his own right.


1. Zavvi

What, you didn’t expect this list to be even the slightest bit biased?


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