Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts – Ending And Post Credits Breakdown

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts. Only read on if you’ve either seen it, or don’t mind its surprises being revealed…

The latest Transformers movie took us back to 1994 – but it ended on a surprising note outlining the future of the franchise.

With Unicron sent packing off to space, the movie finished with Optimus Prime vowing to stay on Earth, to protect it in case of his return. But it wasn’t that sequel-teasing note that the movie closed on, as it was followed by a cut-to-black, before an unexpected climactic scene that has got people talking.

The Hasbro Cinematic Universe?


Yes, the H.C.U might soon be arriving on our screens if that final pre-credits tease is anything to go by.

The scene sees us catch up with Noah (Anthony Ramos) as he’s arriving at a job interview at a company named Slizza, which initially seems hostile. What’s this giant gap on his CV, and why is there no proof of the successful work he’s just carried out down in South America?

It’s swiftly revealed that the man interviewing him is Agent Burke (Michael Kelly), and that he’s not in contention for the job he previously assumed. Instead, Burke works for an off-the-books government agency that deals with extinction-level events, and they’re very familiar with his work down in Peru.

His gives Noah a business card before walking away, urging him to “join the fight”. He flips the business card, and there’s the name of the division: G.I Joe.

What is this, a crossover episode?


It’s a leftfield reveal that nobody could have possibly anticipated, especially after the previous G.I Joe movie (2021 spin-off Snake Eyes) underwhelmed at the box office. However, both franchises are owned by Hasbro, and with the two franchises having previously crossed over in the comics, there is already a template as to how they can work together.

The first G.I Joe and Transformers comics miniseries was published by Marvel in 1986, with a 12 issue crossover event following in the mid 1990s. More recently, Transformers Vs G.I Joe was published by IDW Comics in 2014, and outside of these direct crossover events, characters from both Hasbro franchises have rubbed shoulders at various intervals over the years.


How this will function on the screen is anybody’s guess, and it’s not a certainty that Noah will join the team: the fact he was discharged from the military means he wouldn’t exactly make for the most reliable companion in that trigger-happy organisation.

Additionally, the only affiliate of G.I Joe we’re introduced to – named simply “Agent Burke” – appears to be an entirely new character. A British secret agent named Matthew Burke, a direct parody of Roger Moore’s 007, appeared in a 1986 episode of the animated series, and it’s safe to assume that even if this is a new take on that character, he’s been transformed quite considerably to fit this take on the franchise.

Is a Sequel Confirmed?


However, this speculation may be jumping the gun, as Paramount are yet to confirm whether development on a sequel is underway.

What it is safe to assume, however, is that a crossover with G.I Joe will be wiping the slate clean; it’s been a decade since the previous movie in that main franchise (not counting the recent spin-off), and Rise Of The Beasts is set in 1994, 14 years before Paramount’s first live-action movie took place.

So don’t expect to welcome Channing Tatum back to screens as part of any potential crossover event; it’s more than likely a new G.I Joe cast will join the new Transformers leads in any future adventure.

Post-Credits Scene Breakdown


Amidst all that excitement, it’s easy to forget that there was another post-credits scene, and Paramount seem to be banking on one of the new Autobots becoming a fan favourite.

After becoming weakened in battle, transformed into a suit Noah can wear to fight back against Unicron and his robotic minions, it seemed like Mirage (Pete Davidson) was too badly injured to be repaired. Rest assured, the post credits scene has Noah’s friend Reek (Tobe Nwigwe) trying to convince him to stop trying to repair his friend, and just sell his spare parts for cash.

At this moment, Davidson’s comic sidekick springs back to life. He’s a little worse for wear, but it seems official; he will be returning with Noah, ready to take on the next one of Unicron’s threats to the planet.

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts is in UK cinemas now.

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