LEGO Last Chance! Every Set Retiring in 2024

LEGO has been popular for decades – but don’t take the constant demand for granted, as some of the best-selling sets can be taken off shelves at any time.

The company have already announced that dozens of sets will be retired in 2024, but there’s no need to brick it: they’ve already released a comprehensive list, giving you plenty of time to pick up any must-haves before they disappear.

This list will be focusing on the sets currently in-stock at Zavvi at the time of writing, including dozens of exclusives you won’t be able to purchase anywhere else. For the comprehensive list of every single set that we’ll be waving goodbye to this year, head over to Brick Fanatics, who will be offering updates as the year progresses.

We will also regularly update this blog when we get wind of any sets that are about to go off the market, but as of January 2024, these are the LEGO kits confirmed to be making their grand exit.

Zavvi Exclusives

Here at Zavvi, we love LEGO, and we love to bring you exclusive sets you won’t find anywhere else – which is why we’re sad to be bidding farewell to the following this year.

First up, the replica of the Atari 2600 console is a must-have for video game obsessives who want to put down their controllers and pick up some bricks. From LEGO Technic, the NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is a fantastic construction toy for petrol-heads – and those too young to drive! – who want to bring the thrill of the race into their home.

And before we dive into all things Star Wars, we’re taking a minute to shout out the exclusive R2-D2 collectible model, one of the most sought-after items on site. We should also stress that, just because something is retiring in 2024, doesn’t mean it will necessarily disappear on 31st December – we still have the Republic Gunship, which LEGO retired in December 2023, although stocks are very limited, so check here to make sure it’s not too late!

Browse the range of Zavvi exclusive LEGO sets currently in stock here.

Star Wars

Millennium Falcon

The force may be with you now, but it won’t be if you let the year end without picking up these in-demand items before they disappear!

Star Wars sets expiring in 2024 include replicas of the Millennium Falcon and the Emperor’s Throne Room, as well as the collector’s edition Chewbacca.

Full List; Endor Speeder Chase, Emperor’s Throne Room, Millennium Falcon, E-Wing vs Shin Hati, Mandalorian Fang Fighter, Yavin 4, Chewbacca, Tenoo Jedi Temple, Ahsoka Clone Trooper, Pirate Snub Fighter.

Shop all Star Wars LEGO here.

Marvel and DC


Don’t let your favourite heroes leave before they can save the day! Construction kits of Captain America and Wolverine are making their exits this year, alongside the replica of Cap’s Shield, and from LEGO Art, an Amazing Spider-Man portrait.

Full Marvel list; Captain America Construction, Wolverine Construction, Ghost Rider mech and bike, I am Groot, Baby Rocket’s Ship, Captain America’s Shield, LEGO Art Amazing Spider-Man

On the DC side, three Batman sets are going, and not even the Bat Signal will make them return once the year’s out.

They are; Batmobile pursuit, Batman construction, Batwing pursuit.



Last year, Walt Disney Studios celebrated their 100th anniversary – and, now we’ve past that milestone, a lot of the sets they launched to mark the occasion are getting retired.

This includes sets linked to their 2023 movie releases – The Little Mermaid, Wish and Peter Pan and Wendy – as well as limited edition kits celebrating a century of animated icons and terrifying movie villains.

Expiring Disney LEGO titles; Little Mermaid Storybook, The Enchanted Treehouse, 100 Years of Animation Icons Crafts, Asha in the City of Rosas, King Magnifico’s Castle, Villain Icons, Asha’s Cottage, Peter Pan and Wendy’s Flight Over London

Shop Disney LEGO here.

Video Game Icons


The biggest icons from Nintendo and SEGA have been immortalised in brick form, but this year marks the last time you’ll be able to relive your vintage video game memories.

Several Sonic the Hedgehog sets – including the LEGO Ideas replica of the Green Hill Zone level, the Sonic Speed Sphere, Tails Workshop, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island – will be leaving later in 2024, alongside several Super Mario Bros. sets for younger fans; Diddy Kong’s Cart Ride, Picnic at Mario’s House and Dry Bowser Castle Battle.

In terms of modern video game sensations that have had LEGO crossovers, you won’t find many bigger than the Minecraft franchise. Alas, these four currently in-stock items will be retired in 2024; The Devourer Showdown, The Skeleton Dungeon, Frozen Peaks and Pumpkin Farm.

Browse the full Minecraft LEGO collection here.

Jurassic World


Unfortunately, 65 million years after they first went extinct, another batch of dinosaurs will be making their grand exit in 2024 – but don’t worry, it won’t be because of a giant meteor.

The Jurassic World sets retiring this year are; Velociraptor Escape, Blue & Beta, Giganotosaurus Attack, Dilophosaurus Ambush, Triceratops Research.



Since launching in 2011, Ninjago has become one of LEGO’s flagship brands for younger builders, and it’s easy to see why. I mean, who doesn’t love ninjas?

However, even with this in mind, there are several collections from this universe that will quietly sneaking away in 2024.

Ninjago sets retiring in 2024; Cole’s Earth Dragon, Kai’s Mech Rider, Heatwave Transforming Lava Dragon, Destiny’s Bounty – Race Against Time, Elemental Dragon vs the Empress Mech, Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs, Sora Transforming Mech Bike Racer, Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Race Car, Imperium Dragon Hunter Hound.

LEGO Friends and LEGO City


LEGO take pride in unleashing the imaginations of all ages, and for younger creators, there’s no better starting point than the Friends and City brands.

In the LEGO Friends collection, young builders are introduced to the wild world of Heartlake City, where they can be whisked everywhere from an igloo holiday to a Mars space base and everywhere in-between – what other collection can feature intergalactic adventures and a hot dog food truck?

Friends sets retiring in 2024; Mobile Tiny House, Igloo Holiday Adventure, Aliya’s Room, Nova’s Room, Hot Dog Food Truck, Animal Vet Clinic, Music Talent Show, vintage fashion store, Animal Sanctuary, Mars Space Base and Rocket, Liann’s Room, Horse Training.

The LEGO City collection gives you a chance to build your own metropolis from the ground up. Could your city be complete without the following sets?

LEGO City sets retiring in 2024; Ice Cream Shop, Recycling Truck, Fire Rescue Plane, Fire Station and Fire Engine, Emergency Rescue Helicopter, Apartment Building, Street Skate Park, Gaming Tournament Truck, Ski and Climbing Centre, Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine.

And finally…


For a more intensive – not to mention, more rewarding – building project, look no further than the LEGO Technic range. 2024 marks your last chance to pick up the Airbus H175 rescue helicopter, one of their many great vehicle replicas.

There are several sets inspired by some of the biggest movie franchises leaving soon, including the Harry Potter Quidditch Trunk, Indiana Jones Escape from the Lost Tomb, and two Avatar sets; Tulkun and Crabsuit, and the Skimwing Adventure.

For the LEGO Architecture range, aimed at adult builders, the Singapore set will be leaving shelves later this year.

Also leaving in 2024; Dreamzzz Mr Oz Space Car, Zoey and Zian the Cat Owl, Lego Classic Lots of Bricks.

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