Jackass 4.5 Confirmed By Cast, And Gross First Stunt Teased – Exclusive

For those excited for the return of Jackass this week, we’ve got some great news – even more is on the way.

Ahead of the release of their latest film Jackass Forever, in an interview the cast confirmed to Zavvi that Jackass 4.5 is on the way later in 2022, featuring a selection of stunts too extreme to show in cinemas.

One of those was teased by stars Chris Pontius and Wee Man, who told us that fellow cast member Dave England almost had his penis ripped off in the stunt.

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Wee Man, a.k.a. Jason Acuña, explained that “he went through the full range of emotions, but he was extremely happy at the end of it”. This was because, as Pontius points out, “it made his weiner longer – what he lost in girth during that moment he more than made up in length”.

Pontius then confirmed: “You won’t see this in the cinema, but you’ll see it in 4.5!”

Whilst there may have been a positive side effect to this one stunt, other cast members weren’t so lucky. Johnny Knoxville suffered a brain injury in a stunt with a bull, and Steve-O had to get two plates surgically implanted in his collarbone.

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Zavvi spoke to Knoxville, Steve-O, Pontius and Wee Man for February’s edition of The Lowdown, our free digital magazine.

The full Jackass interview, in which the crew talk about getting older, brutal injuries, and breaking records for on-screen nudity, will be available to read in the magazine from Friday 4th February, or from Wednesday 2nd February for Red Carpet customers.

Jackass Forever will hit UK cinemas on 4th February.

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