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Edge of Tomorrow 2

Back in 2013, our screens were greeted with Edge of Tomorrow (Or Live Die Repeat – depending on where you are in the world). This past weekend, it was announced that this breakout Sci-Fi hit would be getting a sequel, with Emily Bunt reprising her role for this highly anticipated, mindbending sequel. The original movie, however, has its origins in a Japanese Light Novel named All You Need is Kill, published in 2004. Take a look at the trailer below:

All You Need is Kill also had a manga adaptation, however, it remains to be seen whether or not this Hollywood sequel will once more be taking notes from the source material. The movie will be helmed once again by Doug Liman, and is due to be named Live, Die, Repeat, Repeat- meaning that the original title of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ will be completely dropped in lieu of this more straightforward title.

The movie was based upon a Groundhog Day-esque concept, with Tom Cruise’s cowardly soldier awakening to live every day over and over again until an alien threat is defeated. While the film itself was completely self-contained, it does have the scope to become something bigger. Currently, the project has no screenwriters on board, but it’s likely that they will be fighting an uphill battle, with no further source material to work off of. Though in an interview Liman has stated that it’ll be ‘Both a prequel and sequel’. This hints at the possibility of the sequel holding an explanation of why Cruise and Blunt’s characters awakened to their powers and more.

Either way, this project is still looking a long way off, but needless to say, we’re super excited for it, as well as the possibility of having another mindbending Action/Sci-Fi Movie on our screens once more. Live Die Repeat Repeat will be in cinemas soon!

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