Pokémon Go: When is it Available in the UK?

UPDATE 14/07/2016, 10:00: Pokémon Go has officially been released in the UK for download.

If catching them is your real quest, and training them is your course – Pokémon Go is the game for you. But how long do you have to wait to play it…officially?

The world’s gone Pokémon crazy once again; well, in the US, Australia and New Zealand at least.  Pokémon Go, the new virtual reality mobile game is forcing gamers off their sofas, out of their beds and into the wild grass hunting for the rarest of the world’s Pokémon. …in the real world! It’s almost too good to be true, right?  On the whole, people are absolutely loving it– it’s recapturing the excitement and fandom not seen in the franchise since the red and blue memories of the 1990s. After Pokémon Go’s release last week, Nintendo’s share prices have team rocketed 25%,   Pokémon’s return to the grand stage looks set to  be a triumph  showing  no signs of slowing down. The app has been downloaded over 5 million times on Android alone.

Gaming studio Niantic weren’t prepared for the influx of Pokémon masters playing the app. Resultantly, the San Francisco based company have initially ‘paused’ the game’s global roll-out while the online servers recover from the mass overload of trainer  wannabes.  The games popularity offers a new, refreshing outlook upon the gaming world. It’s not a game to play in isolation. It gets you talking, interacting and most of all – keeps users active. One thing’s for sure, it’s great to see a new game which encourages a proactive movement being met with such positive enthusiasm. This hasn’t been seen since from  Nintendo since the Wii Fit.

Despite the rumours of the delayed roll-out, it looks like we could be playing Pokémon Go in the UK in just a matter of days – a lot sooner than initially thought. Although no official press release, the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Pokémon Go could be available in all countries in just a few days with Nintendo rumoured to have  made the game’s release their top priority.

Despite not being able to download the app ‘officially’ in the UK, Android users are able to download the game via external, unlicensed app stores; while iPhone users are able to change language and location settings to trick their iPhones into thinking they’re in an available region. But we didn’t tell you that…

So, it seems there’s a big Pokémon summer ahead in the UK. Pokémon’s always worked best when played mobile, which was always so evident in the Gameboy era – it seems the brand has finally caught up with the latest mobile trends once more. Pokémon is once again,  streets ahead of any other adventure game… literally. Nintendo are back where they belong, changing the conventional gaming setups; encouraging interaction, gaming passion and fueling our guilty fantasy. Pokémon is as real as it has ever been.

With the UK release looming – here’s some of the very best tweets relating to all things Pokémon Go, just to get you even more excited…

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