Peacemaker: Everything We Know About Season 2

After a long wait, Peacemaker has finally arrived on UK screens this week.

The first season of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spin-off has attracted rave reviews and been a massive hit in the US – so naturally, a second season was swiftly announced to be on the way.

If you’ve been bingeing all the episodes as they dropped on NOW, you’ll most likely be waiting for your next fix. Here’s everything we know about the second season so far.

When Is The Peacemaker Season 2 Release Date?

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In a recent interview with Radio Times, Gunn claimed that unlike the first season, the second will premiere simultaneously in the UK and US. However, there’s a catch.

And that comes in the shape of Marvel, as Gunn is currently hard at work on Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 3, currently scheduled for release in 2023.

Due to the scale of that production, its going to be a while before he can turn his attention back to this DC series – but luckily, Gunn already has story ideas…

What’s The Plot? (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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Gunn was inspired to make Peacemaker while shooting The Suicide Squad, taken aback by a scene in which John Cena’s character held Ratcatcher 2 at gunpoint – the filmmaker was impressed by the actor’s ability to convey an inner conflict without dialogue.

And so, the series analysed his mental state, with the second season expected to go even further. As you may recall, the first season’s final scene showed him still grappling with childhood trauma following his dad’s death – Gunn has stated that he already knows the next step in that emotional journey, if not the plot to go with it.

He said in an interview: “I know what Peacemaker’s emotional journey is, y’know, I know where he is now, I know where he ends up…

“We’re still figuring out the plot stuff, and also, frankly, I’m working on another DC thing, and maybe another one, so we got a couple of things that we’re balancing with the stories.”

How Will Season 2 Tie In With The DCEU?

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Gunn is remaining tight-lipped on those other projects – and as a story isn’t in place for season two, we don’t yet know how it fits in with the wider DCEU.

The last episode of season one features cameos from Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller as Aquaman and The Flash, but their Justice League colleagues (Wonder Woman and Superman) are played by unknown actors off-screen, while Batman and Cyborg were curiously absent.

Does this follow the DCEU timeline as established by Zack Snyder? We may very well find out in season two – that is, if Gunn can lock down a plot to complement the emotional arcs.

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