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A re-imagining of the classic Xbox and PS2 smash Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite v2 is due for release at the end of next week, and when you pre-order you copy of the game at zavvi you’ll receive some free downloadable content; one extra mission and two new weapons…

505 Games and Rebellion have revealed Sniper Elite V2’s exclusive pre-order bonus for the ultimate mission – “Assassinate The Führer”! All pre-ordered Sniper Elite V2 stock will come with this bonus content – the ultimate single player mission above as well as two new weapons – the Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle SVT-40 and the standard German service rifle Kar 98.

New weapons:

  • Karabiner 98 Kurz –  has the most powerful zoom within the game, which is perfect for long range pin point shooting, if the player can successful master the ‘Empty Lung’ technique.
  • SVT-40 – has the biggest clip and is semi-automatic, but its lower muzzle velocity will lead to more drop at longer ranges, thus challenging the skilled user.

Intel has been received that Hitler is returning from Berchtesgaden to Berlin via his personal train.  Players must intercept the train as it waits at the station and take down the Fuhrer as he hastily makes way for the station on foot. There is only a single opportunity for players to do what so many wish had been done – take out the leader of the Third Reich.

Sniper Elite v2 is currently due for release on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 on Friday, May 4th 2012. 

Watch the trailer for Sniper Elite v2 below: 

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