5 Of Our Favourite Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters

With Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrating its 20th Anniversary, we’ve decided to take a look back at the iconic 90’s series, which drove a stake through the heart of viewers worldwide. Spanning an epic 7 seasons, the Emmy Award-Winning show introduced us to some of the most memorable characters brought to television. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite characters that pop up in the show. Why not check out Syfy Wire’s top 20 Buffy quotes, too!

Xander Harris

Where would Buffy be without Xander, the bumbling nerd with quippy comebacks, who also had a little trouble with the girls. Xander is one of the highlights of the Scooby Gang, bringing much needed comic relief and levity in between the darkness of the main plot. We see the character flourish and grow- but no spoilers! We don’t want to spoil the show for you, even though it might be 20 years old. Xander grows throughout the course of the series, and being an integral part of the Scooby Gang- it just wouldn’t feel the same without him.

Willow Rosenberg

At the start of the show, we see Willow as a bookish, shy person. But, over the course of the series, she begins to grow and flourish, conquering many challenges along the way. Being another member of The Scooby Gang, Willow also dabbles in the occult, and this proves to be central to her character’s development in later seasons. As a loyal friend to Buffy and best-friend of Xander, she’s a relatable character that opened the doors to TV portrayals of lesbian couples, which remains to be a landmark moment in television as a whole.


Angel’s probably one of the most popular characters from the entire show, with Angel himself getting his own spinoff show. In addition to this, Angel had a pretty badass legacy of also being known as Angelus, one of the most sadistic vampires in history. Once he meets Buffy, his life starts to mature into something more than his legacy, and manages to redeem himself. If you’re a fan of Angel, you’ll be able to see him as a central character throughout all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in addition to Angel.


Buffy is the titular character in the landmark series, and while it’s obvious that she’s the main character, Buffy undergoes significant change and growth from an amateur Slayer, to something a little bit more. She suffers through love, loss and more throughout the course of the show, and alongside The Scooby Gang, she becomes more than just the pretty face of the show. She’s also brash, mouthy and an all round badass, needless to say, you really don’t want to cross her.


While Spike’s appearance might come across as like a brash, punk Vampire, he is anything but. He gained his nickname after becoming notorious for his awful poetry, where he also earned the moniker ‘William the Bloody’. At his heart, Spike is a deeply passionate Vampire- and a popular one, mainly due to his quietly passionate demeanor, despite his outward speech and appearances.


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