Graphic Novels That You Need To Read

Graphic Novels have become much more than superheroes in Spandex running around saving the world. The form has matured into a smart storytelling medium, with modern contemporary stories that also help bolster the barracks of quality in the graphic novel world. We’ve taken the best graphic novels on our site and compiled a list of the best of the best. Here are all the graphic novels that you need to read!

The Wicked and Divine

The premise behind The Wicked and Divine is pretty simple, every 90 years 12 gods are incarnated as humans. They only live for 2 years, however their impact can be explosive. In this gorgeous and flashy world, The Wicked and Divine shows us a world where gods are the ultimate celebrities. Featuring a hugely diverse cast, dynamic character drama, and beautiful art. The Wicked and Divine allows us an insight into the pain of knowing when you’re going to die, and is also a unique twist on the typical heroes journey for all of the characters that we meet in the Pantheon.


With comparisons to epics such as The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, Saga is looking to become a modern graphic novel classic. The story doesn’t center around a main character who is the lynchpin of a huge war, but rather focuses on a compelling story on the fringes of an incredible universe. Set up as a space-opera. Expect to see characters grow, die and more in this epic story that is simply too good to miss. Saga is currently outselling even mainstream hits The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, the creators have said that they have no plans for an onscreen adaptation of Saga.

Y: The Last Man

Men everywhere have all died, except for one man and his monkey. Y: The Last Man chronicles the collapse of society caused by the simultaneous death of an entire sex. It’s as riveting as it sounds, this apocalypse-level event would change the face of the Earth, and we’re given the perspective of the last man on Earth. With a story spanning years and continents, Y: The Last Man gives us an insight into a cataclysmic event that we can’t even begin to imagine.


With the TV Show hitting its stride in 2016, Preacher has become a huge property. For good reason too. The mature, ultraviolent stylings make the tale of a Preacher, consumed by a demon incredible. From the art to the character arcs themselves, Preacher gives us the schlock, horror, and depth that make it a well-rounded graphic novel. The striking art style and realism of Preacher is a cut above many similar Graphic Novels. With the series already concluded, it’s a great place to jump into reading the series.

The Sandman

Neil Gaiman’s seminal graphic novel epic is one of the reasons why the writer is so huge today. The Sandman is centred around Dream, who’s also known my many other names. The tale twists and turns in so many different directions, molding and shaping our characters as they come across challenges that also weave into theories of classical mythology and narrative structures. It’s often been cited that The Sandman is one of the most intellectual graphic novels out there.

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