The Most Unique Funko Pop Vinyls

For any of you that have an extensive Funko Pop Collection, it can be hard to find a single figure that will be the crown jewel. Luckily, while most Funko Pop Vinyls all have similar dimensions and looks, there are some incredibly unique figures that will pop out on your shelf that subverts the usual ‘Funko Pop’ look. Here are our picks for the most unique Funko Pop vinyls.

Gudetama With Bacon

Gudetama is an icon. Gudetama is goals. This anthropomorphized egg teaches us all to take life a little less seriously. Go on, treat yourself. Wrap your entire body in Bacon. What could go wrong? In this Funko Pop, Gudetama uses Bacon as if it’s a blanket, and doesn’t look like a Pop Vinyl on sight, and looks incredibly cute. We’ve all been where poor old Gudetama is in this situation, you can rest assured that he does NOT want to wakey wakey eggs and bakey. This slightly different Funko Pop is one of our favourites because it is so expressive, and is full of personality.


Ohhh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla! This super-sized Godzilla Pop Vinyl captures Godzilla in some of his finest forms. Enduring a long history of incredible films like Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla, Shin Godzilla and the iconic Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. This Funko Pop Vinyl captures both the menace and cheek of Classic Godzilla. The older films have some pretty incredible, campy moments. Being a more unique Funko Pop, we see some great detail on this super-sized figure. We’re pretty sure Godzilla is the coolest giant monster, well, ever.

Laura in Plastic Wrap – Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is coming back for a third season, so why not get a figure of a murdered woman wrapped in plastic! This Pop Vinyl is incredibly weird. Laura got murdered in Twin Peaks, and this iconic character has blue lips and softly detailed facial touches that give it a pretty unique look. Additionally, the clear plastic wrap is pretty unusual and is sure to stick out on any shelf.

BMO – Adventure Time

for those of you who might not know, BMO is a living computer game system with a cute Korean accent and a brash personality that’s all its own. This figure doesn’t have the iconic Funko head, but that’s part of what makes BMO so special. The warm smile and eye detail is not only classic to Funko Pop, but also to the iconic Adventure Time character itself.

Eredin – The Witcher

The leader of the Wild Hunt never looked so cute! This Eredin Pop Vinyl looks fantastic, and meticulously details the armour that this mysterious figure wears. This unique Funko Pop is often cited as a spectral being coming to cause trouble from another dimension, Eredin is a pretty bad dude, but this figure looks fantastic. The traditional cute Funko Pop head is replaced by his menacing helmet, which looks incredibly menacing. This silver finish additionally looks pretty amazing.

Sarah & MOB-1316 – Titanfall 2

We’ve saved the best for last. Titanfall 2’s Sarah Briggs is the badass commander of the Marauder Corps, and gets an epic Pop Vinyl package that’s unlike most other figures that we’ve ever seen. Included is a small figure of Sarah in the typical Funko Fashion, however accompanying her is her trusty Titan, MOB-1316. MOB is detailed really nicely, and this super-sized figure is pretty different to many other Pop Vinyls on the market. If you’ve never heard of Titanfall before, check out this awesome trailer! Why not get Godzilla and MOB-1316 together to clash, Pacific Rim-style? This is one of the most unique funko pop figures that we’ve ever seen. The possibilities are endless.

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